Success Stories - Carolina Georgia Sound

Leading Electronics and Sound Company Utilizes the BCS Power Connector to Streamline Accounting and Field Service Operations 

Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, Carolina Georgia Sound (CGS) provides sound and video equipment and services to businesses across the country for surveillance, entertainment systems, and quality assistance. A few of CGS’ top clients include McDonald’s, Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy, Petco and The Home Depot, with many other big-name brands to follow. Whether businesses want sound systems for entertainment purposes, headsets for drive-thrus or surveillance systems to increase security, CGS provides the best-in-class technology to support businesses’ unique needs and enhance the customer experience.  

CGS partnered with Bond Consulting Services (BCS) to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central integrated with Dynamics 365 Field Service leveraging the BCS Power Connector. CGS desired a system for synching customers, sales and purchase invoices from Dynamics 365 Field Service to Business Central to streamline operations and limit manual effort. BCS implemented the Business Central module of Accounts Receivable including sales invoices from Field Services, Cash Receipts and AR Aging, and the Field Service modules of Work Orders, Resource, Scheduling Invoicing and Purchase Orders. BCS also implemented Recurring Billing including Billing Schedule, Invoice Creation and Reporting, as well as important Mobile Apps for managing customer information, work orders, signatures and pictures.  

The Recurring Billing module enables CGS to enter contracts into Dynamics 365 Field Service and all related invoices will populate in Business Central, enabling their accounting and sales teams to easily track when invoices are sent or received and what invoices are still outstanding in the system. After an invoice payment is received, the Power Connector pushes the posted invoice and payment information from the Customer Ledger Entry records back into Dynamics 365 Field Service so users and technicians can ensure that the service is fully completed. The Power Connector saves CGS time, effort and expensive licensing costs by streamlining operations while still enabling their technician team to remain in their Field Service environment and their accounting team to remain in their Business Central environment to improve productivity.  

CGS purchased a Power Connector license, Dynamics 365 Field Service licenses for 19 users, Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium license for one user, and Binary Streams Standard licenses for three users. The CGS Team is very happy with their integrated environment and has been using it for the last several months to streamline their operations and enhance their electronics production and distribution. BCS has enjoyed working closely with CGS and we look forward to providing ongoing configuration consulting and support for their Dynamics 365 environment into the future.

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Success Stories - Peak Measure

Electrical Power Equipment Manufacturers' Sales Representative Leverages Dynamics 365 to Streamline Its Sales Process and Optimize Value-Add to Customers

Headquartered in Ridgefield, Washington, Peak Measure has been delivering premium electrical apparatus and equipment products and services to the electrical power industry in several states in the Western US for over four decades. As a Sales Representative for multiple electrical and power equipment manufacturers, Peak Measure provides best-in-class products to customers to increase the value and reliability of their operations including fault indicators and sensors, protection and precision timing, transformers, HV Circuit breakers, cabling, and systems with intelligence. The Peak Measure Team consists of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who help manufacturers to deliver their products and services throughout Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Peak Measure’s goal is to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness, safety and reliability of customers’ electrical power solutions.

In October of 2020, Peak Measure partnered with Bond Consulting Services (BCS) to implement a solution that would support their mission of optimizing value-add for their customers. BCS quickly got to work on customizing and deploying Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft’s premier cloud-based CRM solution, to build a comprehensive process flow to better track Peak Measure’s sales opportunities, from initial customer contact through to the generation of an order. The BCS Team configured the Dynamics 365 Sales environment with Exchange Online and SharePoint Online integration, along with a Sales Workflow and Business Process Flow to help their customer service team navigate new opportunities and close deals faster. The BCS Team worked closely with Peak Measure to design an effective solution including custom fields, charts, reports, and a 4-panel dashboard in Dynamics 365 Sales to meet the company’s unique business needs. BCS also provided Peak Measure with Dynamics 365 Sales licensing including Dynamics 365 Sales Professional licenses for 11 users.

The Peak Measure Team is thrilled with their new CRM environment and has been using it for the last several months to streamline their sales operations. BCS continues to provide ongoing configuration consulting and support services to Peak Measure to ensure they are getting the most out of their Dynamics 365 Sales solution.

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Success Stories - Connect Invest

Innovative Online Real Estate Investment Firm Utilizes Dynamics 365 Sales with Business Central to Boost Performance

Connect Invest is an Internet-based social lending platform that has successfully streamlined the real estate investment process. The Las Vegas-based company was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who were passionate about the real estate industry. Connect Invest encourages investors to purchase Real Estate Secured Dependent Notes to fund real estate-related loans. By providing quality investments for its clients, Connect Invest has revolutionized online social lending and has empowered investors to build diversified investment portfolios.


Bond Consulting Services (BCS) partnered with Connect Invest to boost business performance by implementing Dynamics 365 Sales with Business Central. The platform was extensively customized to ensure that all financial transactions associated with the online investment firm are fully automated. Additionally, BCS included extensive integrations with the company’s custom website and with multiple financial institutions. The website integrations included active participation in website design and development, as well as testing and deployment of integrations into Business Central. By integrating Connect Invest with other financial institutions, BCS enabled a fully automated transaction process using the Dynamics 365 platform. BCS also incorporated Power BI into the company’s custom dashboards and reports. This additional customization enables management to monitor transaction flow quickly and easily throughout all phases of investment. The Connect Invest Team is excited about their new CRM environment and has been using it for the last several months to enhance their social lending process. BCS continues to provide ongoing configuration consulting and support services to Connect Invest to ensure they are getting the most out of their Dynamics 365 Sales solution.

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Success Stories - J28 Design

Successful Design and Manufacturing Company Makes a Rapid Switch to Business Central

Since 2005, J28 Design has been providing innovative mounting systems to a broad range of vehicle makes such as Lexus, BMW, and Cadillac. J28’s specialty BlendMount product line provides a mounting solution for radar detectors in over 45 vehicle makes. J28 consistently impresses its customers by using state-of-the-art machinery to produce the highest quality automotive parts. The manufacturing company also prides itself on strict quality control as the J28 management staff directs every step in the mount creation process.


Since its conception, J28 has skyrocketed in sales and growth which has put increased pressure on the company’s internal systems. Recently, J28 decided to ditch its old software for a new and improved cloud solution, and trusted Bond Consulting Services (BCS) to be its partner throughout the process. The J28 Team desired a rapid transition from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central with important modules such as Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Assembly, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Reporting and Power BI.


BCS was ahead of schedule and quickly deployed the customized solution to streamline J28 Design’s business operations and production. The BCS Team leveraged the migration utility to convert the master files from QuickBooks into Business Central. The BCS Team also provided essential training for the various modules and features such as Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Bank Reconciliation and Assembly BOMs. J28 Design’s Power BI Content Pack was configured with their insistence to provide rich and interactive visuals to easily gather actionable insights with embedded AI. BCS developed and tested the customized modules to ensure they fit the needs and desires of J28 Design, before implementing the solution. The J28 Design Team is very happy with their Business Central environment and has been using it for the last several months to streamline their operations and enhance their automotive machinery production.


BCS has enjoyed working closely with J28 Design and their excellent team, and we look forward to providing ongoing configuration consulting and support for their Dynamics 365 environment long into the future!

Mike Giordano, President of J28 Design shared:

“We were thrilled that the BCS Team was ahead of schedule for our Business Central migration, and we are very excited to utilize the new features and capabilities included in the Microsoft cloud platform.”

Success Stories - PLS 3rd Learning

Leading Online Education Portal Developer Implements Business Central to Help Teachers and Schools Reach Their Full Potential

PLS 3rd Learning is an online education portal developer that co-creates custom technologies to standardize learning and provides educators with innovative resources and professional development. PLS 3rd Learning is dedicated to leveraging the best ideas, strategies, and technologies to advance teaching and learning worldwide.


PLS 3rd Learning partnered with Bond Consulting Services (BCS) in April 2020 to make the switch from Sage 300 to Dynamics 365 Business Central. The BCS Team quickly and efficiently customized and implemented Business Central including Sales Order Processing with customizations, Inventory, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Financials, Banking and Power BI. The BCS Team configured the Banking module in Business Central to support Bank Reconciliation, multiple bank accounts and check formats, and the Financials module to support important financial reports such as the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow. BCS worked closely with the PLS 3rd Learning Team to migrate data files including General Ledger History, Master Files (Customers, Vendors, Items and Fixed Assets), Open Payables, Open Receivables and Inventory with beginning balances so all of their most critical business data is in a single, centralized location for easy data analysis.


In June of 2020, PLS 3rd Learning issued a Change Order for further sales processing customizations to their Business Central instance. Our BCS consultants developed line-item page changes to accommodate Ship-To addresses when referencing the School Districts PLS 3rd Learning works with. Our expert consultants also developed a custom Sales Invoice that includes the Ship-To Address Codes to itemize the School Districts, as well as a custom report to highlight number of sales by School District. These specific customizations have enabled PLS 3rd Learning to streamline their sales process and improve customer engagement by automatically updating invoices with important customer and sales data.


PLS 3rd Learning is thrilled with their new Business Central solution that went live in August of 2020, and they continue to leverage the advanced Microsoft cloud capabilities to boost business performance. BCS enjoyed working with the leading online education developer and we look forward to supporting their Business Central solution long into the future.

Colin Freeburg, PLS 3rd Learning’s Chief Financial Officer shared:

“BCS and Dynamics 365 Business Central have greatly enhanced our engagement with the School Districts we work with by providing us with an automated system for tracking sales orders and invoices in a unified platform. For the last nine months, Business Central has supported our Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Financial and Operational processes and improved our overall productivity, and we are excited to see what the solution will continue to do for PLS 3rd Learning in the future.”

Success Stories - ConstructConnect

Preconstruction Software Company Migrated from Dynamics GP to Business Central to Leverage the Microsoft Cloud

Founded in 2016, ConstructConnect provides important preconstruction software and workflow automation solutions to help plan projects before beginning to build. ConstructConnect is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, but its customers can access and utilize the software from anywhere on a single, comprehensive platform. ConstructConnect also grants access to the largest network of subcontractors, making it easy to build an efficient bid process for construction projects. ConstructConnect is a leader in its field, and it enables customers to publish projects with just a single click.


ConstructConnect struggled from a lack of cloud infrastructure and lack of a requisition automation solution which made it much more difficult to automate workflows and control indirect spend. ConstructConnect decided to migrate from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central to take advantage of newer Dynamics 365 cloud-based technology. The ConstructConnect team began searching for the right Dynamics partner to assist with this migration and interviewed five different partners for this critical project. In October 2020, after a rigorous selection process, ConstructConnect selected BCS to manage the migration to ensure success. David Storer, ConstructConnect’s Controller, shared that “BCS was excellent through the sales process…very knowledgeable and responsive…the clear selection among five potential providers”. 


With expert guidance from the BCS Team, ConstructConnect migrated from Dynamics GP to Business Central in December of 2020 including 2 companies, Financials with Dimensions, Purchasing, Banking, Fixed Assets, Financial Reporting and Power BI.  The migration enabled cloud-based computing, better financial management, and company consolidation among its eight primary brands. The BCS Team also worked closely with the ConstructConnect Team to design and deploy a requisition automation solution using Power Automate.


The successful Dynamics GP to Business Central migration enabled ConstructConnect to have complete control over key financial business processes, from automated requisitions, to asset tracking, to financial reporting and dashboards. ConstructConnect currently has 12 Full Business Central Essential licenses and 100 Business Central Team Member licenses, and hopes to expand its cloud infrastructure even more in the future!


David Storer also shared “Thanks to the dedication of the BCS Team, ConstructConnect’s migration from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central was completed on time and under budget, and has provided huge advantages to our financial management. Our newly integrated Business Central environment supports workflow automation and control of indirect spend, and it provides intelligent, actionable insights that have helped us better define our business and financial close processes.”

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Success Stories - Miron Violetglass USA

Unique and Sustainable Packaging Company Chooses Business Central and BCS Over NetSuite Competition

Miron Violetglass USA is a unique packaging solution for natural products based in Southern California. The biophotonic glass is used to protect products from damaging sunlight and increase their shelf life. The glass packaging also helps to preserve and enhance the odor and quality of the products. Miron Violetglass jars can be used to contain cosmetics, oils, medicines and foods. Miron Violetglass USA’s unique design and business model has taken natural packaging to a whole new level.


In October 2020, Miron Violetglass USA conducted a new business system selection process, evaluating many mid-market business systems. After significant research, Miron Violetglass USA narrowed their focus on Dynamics 365 Business Central and NetSuite as the primary competitive solutions. After engaging with the team of expert consultants at Bond Consulting Services (BCS) to define a complete solution for their US distribution efforts, Miron Violetglass USA selected Business Central to be implemented by BCS as its new ERP solution.


CEO and Head of Sales, Eelco Scholtens, shared “We initially needed an ERP to replace QuickBooks.  It needed to be able to track lot numbers, manage bin locations, report forecasting and replenishment and handle shipping. It also needed to serve our future needs with CRM integration, ecommerce integration and a customer web portal to manage orders from our future webstore.  We initially considered NetSuite as an ERP option, but ultimately found Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to be a superior ERP solution.  We also needed real-time visualization dashboards, which was solved with the implementation of Power BI.  Business Central is so user-friendly and flexible it meets all of our requirements and is definitely the best fit for us.”


The BCS Team quickly got to work implementing and deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with Warehouse Insight and Dynamic Ship from Insight Works, and eBizCharge for Credit Card Processing. Leveraging Insight Works’ powerful Business Central add-ons, Miron Violetglass USA automated its distribution operations with capabilities to scan receipts, track shipments and transfers, scan inventory count, print labels, engage in carrier rate shopping and send notifications to customers. The BCS Team also customized Miron Violetglass’ Sales Quote, Order, and Invoice pages to calculate the sales price on the base unit of measure quantity to simplify the sales process and limit manual entry of data. Miron Violetglass USA is thrilled about their new automated Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.


Eelco also shared “We chose BCS to implement the Business Central solution because we could tell BCS truly cared about the needs and goals of our company, and we are so happy we did!  BCS’ diligence these past four months in customizing and integrating our Business Central environment with Warehouse Insight and Dynamic Ship has enabled us to automate our distribution operations and simplify our sales process with minimal data entry.”

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Success Stories - Anchor Brewing

America’s First Craft Brewery Relies on Dynamics GP & Horizons Manufacturing to Brew Up Their Delicious Beverages

Anchor Brewing is America’s first craft brewery that has been a pillar of the community and a staple of San Francisco heritage since 1896. Not only are their beers enjoyed by many, but Anchor Brewing is one of the last remaining breweries to produce California common beer (also referred to as Steam beer). Located on Potrero Hill in the heart of San Francisco’s seaport area, Anchor Brewing offers a wide selection of delicious beers, along with tasting sessions and public guided tours of the brewery.


Bond Consulting Services (BCS) is a fan of good beers, so BCS partnered with Anchor Brewing in 2010. BCS Team members worked quickly and efficiently to implement Dynamics GP for the brewer’s core financials. Along with the Dynamics GP platform, BCS implemented Horizons Manufacturing to ensure full process manufacturing and quality control. BCS has enhanced and supported Anchor Brewing’s Dynamics solutions for over 10 years, and we are excited to continue providing support for this great tasting historical brewery.

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Success Stories - Zenlayer

A Top Software Network and Services Provider Improves User Experience by Implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central

A perfect example of a quick and successful migration from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central is Zenlayer. Zenlayer is a thriving multinational cloud services provider headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, that delivers managed hosting, colocation and networking to global data centers with distributed denial of services (DDoS) protection solutions. The main mission of Zenlayer is to help businesses improve digital user experiences both quickly and globally by providing them with the best software and cloud services available.


In September 2019, Bond Consulting Services (BCS) began working with Zenlayer to upgrade their software applications to Business Central. Given the critical and specialized functions of the company, Zenlayer required certain customizations to fulfill their operational and accounting requirements. BCS took the time to fully understand the goals of the company as well as the desires of the employees before making any changes to their existing software in order to make the transition as simple and smooth as possible. The BCS team worked tirelessly to rapidly transition Zenlayer’s software and implement Business Central within a few months. BCS also deployed Jet Reports financial reporting and Power BI for other business reports.


BCS customized Zenlayer’s Business Central solution to enable it to better track its rapid growth and expansion of its business model by reorganizing its logical Corporate Accounting structure to reflect multiple companies, captured under a newly consolidated organization. Additional specific customizations include massive imports of orders and invoices from their trading system into Business Central, implementation of a simpler Tax Rate solution, and customization of sales reports to include additional information on demand.

BCS is happy to use our extensive expertise to help you transition your software solutions and take advantage of the immense benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central. For more information, please contact or call (562) 988-3451.

Success Stories - Sierra Hamilton

One of the Largest Providers of Outsourced Oil & Gas Engineering Uses Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure Supported by BCS

Sierra Hamilton Holdings LLC (Sierra Hamilton) is an oil and energy company that focuses on exploration and production. Sierra Hamilton is extremely successful as one of the largest providers of outsourced engineering, workforce solutions, and onsite supervision services in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, Sierra Hamilton provides important contractor solutions for drilling, well control, reservoir, and production.


Sierra Hamilton decided to shake things up in 2018 when they made the switch to Business Central to better manage their purchasing and financial accounting. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) worked closely with Sierra Hamilton to implement Business Central and to ensure that the new software application surpassed the company’s expectations. BCS also developed extensive integrations with Sierra Hamilton’s proprietary operational systems using Azure as the integration platform. BCS’ rapid and successful implementation of Business Central and Azure guaranteed that Sierra Hamilton’s exceptional team of employees would be able to tackle even the most challenging projects with ease and finesse.

Richard Jackson, Sierra Hamilton’s IT Manager shared:

“BCS has been a great partner to work with from system design and implementation through ongoing support. BCS continues to be very reliable and helpful as we enhance our use of Dynamics and improve our business systems.”