Happy New Year 2020 - New Year Shining background with gold clock and glitter | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP: Unlimited Support & Year-End Close Assistance

We’re counting down the days until the New Year. As of this writing, the countdown is at 29. You’re probably counting down, too, because the approaching New Year means that you will soon be…

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What's Next circle word cloud, business concept | What are the 38 New Dynamics GP Features Included in “GP Next”?

What are the 38 New Dynamics GP Features Included in “GP Next”?

38 new features were included in the October release, which was called “GP Next.” It’s a long list and that pleases us to no end for 2 reasons. It’s a testament to Microsoft’s continued development…

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Winning Athlete crosses the finish line | Digital Transformation Is a Journey

Digital Transformation Is a Journey: 4 Ways to Reach the Finish Line with Microsoft Software

As we close in on 2020, we’re finding that our clients are increasingly making a commitment to achieve digital transformation (DT) before the next decade catches them unprepared for success in a…

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Miniature people: Small businessmen standing on stack of coins | Fixed-Price Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Fixed-Price Implementation Packages

If you’re like 99% of our clients, you’re trying to rein in the soaring costs of technology. It’s a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, you understand that you need to implement new technology…

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Overjoyed ecstatic businesswoman winner celebrating the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP

More Reasons for Microsoft Dynamics GP Customers to Rejoice

It was only recently that we rejoiced in the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2019, aka “GP Next.” That release came packed with 38 new features, 38 reasons to rejoice. They’re listed in our blog…

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Opening a box: What’s Inside Microsoft Office 365 and What’s New

What’s Inside Microsoft Office 365 and What’s New

Can you name the eight components that are included in your Microsoft Office 365 subscription? If you can’t, don’t feel bad, because you’re in good company. Most people can’t name all eight off the…

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Man with the words Find the Right People on his t-shirt

Are You Feeling the Skills Gap Squeeze, Your ERP System Can Rescue You!

Skills Gap How serious is the skills gap? In 2018, there were 3.8 million tech job postings, while the population of software developers — the most ubiquitous of tech jobs — reached just 1.5 million…

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On and Off Light Switches

When It’s Time to Turn QuickBooks Off, It’s Time to Turn Microsoft Dynamics On

Time to fess up. Because you’ve probably seen the signs that indicate how your business is suffering on the accounting software that once upon a time supported your business well, but no longer…

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Why We Hitched Our Wagon to the Microsoft Dynamics Star

In case you’re not familiar with the idiom, “hitch your wagon to a star” generally means to make use of powers higher than your own. This phrase was used by the American philosopher and poet Ralph…

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How Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integral to Your Company’s Digital Transformation

How Is Dynamics 365 Integral to Your Company’s Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation has been a catchphrase for several years now.  But despite no end of definitions that you could easily find on the Web, it’s still a theoretical concept. It’s only when you…

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