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Microsoft Power BI | New Look

Microsoft Power BI is the best analytics tool on the market.  With the use of Power BI, Microsoft has placed the ability to develop complex reports in the hands of the lay user. A cornerstone of this…

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Creating Business Central Reports without Programming

Simple Object Designer (SOD) in Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an intuitive interface for users to customize their dashboards and reports without using Application Language. This tool…

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Microsoft Bookings Empowers Teams and Drives Customer Engagement

Microsoft has completely revamped Bookings, the user-friendly appointment scheduling tool within Dynamics 365. Our team at Bond Consulting Services is excited to delve into the powerful new features…

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Lump Sum Bank Deposit Changes in Business Central

by Lupe Haro With the release of Business Central version 24, Microsoft has made some changes when you enter a lump sum bank deposit. Previously, we were able to enter the document number on each of…

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Expected Inventory Cost Posting in Business Central

Understanding Automatic Cost Posting and Expected Cost Posting in Dynamics 365 Business Central is crucial for clients to Maintain Accurate Inventory Valuation: Both methods impact how…

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Extract Business Central Data using Configuration Packages

Extracting data from configuration tables, which store setup information for various functionalities, allows you to uncover hidden trends, create custom reports, automate tasks, integrate with…

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Updating Report Layouts in Business Central

Sometimes customers have presented a challenge with their invoicing process. A common requirement is the ability to flex between various invoice layouts based on different situations.   To update the…

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Simple Object Design in Business Central

Simple Object Design in Dynamics 365 Business Central is an easy way for users to customize their Business Central environments without having to be an expert programmer. Often, the end user wishes…

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Voiding Receivables Transactions Credit Memos in Dynamics GP

Even the most meticulous accountants encounter situations where an invoice needs to be corrected. Perhaps a pricing error slipped through, a customer returned merchandise, or a simple data entry…

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Finding Data in Business Central

Capturing and extracting data is one of the primary functionalities of Business Central. Being able to easily find your most important business data boosts employee's everyday efficiency and allows…

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