Leading Electronics and Sound Company Utilizes the BCS Power Connector to Streamline Accounting and Field Service Operations 

Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, Carolina Georgia Sound (CGS) provides sound and video equipment and services to businesses across the country for surveillance, entertainment systems, and quality assistance. A few of CGS’ top clients include McDonald’s, Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy, Petco and The Home Depot, with many other big-name brands to follow. Whether businesses want sound systems for entertainment purposes, headsets for drive-thrus or surveillance systems to increase security, CGS provides the best-in-class technology to support businesses’ unique needs and enhance the customer experience.  

CGS partnered with Bond Consulting Services (BCS) to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central integrated with Dynamics 365 Field Service leveraging the BCS Power Connector. CGS desired a system for synching customers, sales and purchase invoices from Dynamics 365 Field Service to Business Central to streamline operations and limit manual effort. BCS implemented the Business Central module of Accounts Receivable including sales invoices from Field Services, Cash Receipts and AR Aging, and the Field Service modules of Work Orders, Resource, Scheduling Invoicing and Purchase Orders. BCS also implemented Recurring Billing including Billing Schedule, Invoice Creation and Reporting, as well as important Mobile Apps for managing customer information, work orders, signatures and pictures.  

The Recurring Billing module enables CGS to enter contracts into Dynamics 365 Field Service and all related invoices will populate in Business Central, enabling their accounting and sales teams to easily track when invoices are sent or received and what invoices are still outstanding in the system. After an invoice payment is received, the Power Connector pushes the posted invoice and payment information from the Customer Ledger Entry records back into Dynamics 365 Field Service so users and technicians can ensure that the service is fully completed. The Power Connector saves CGS time, effort and expensive licensing costs by streamlining operations while still enabling their technician team to remain in their Field Service environment and their accounting team to remain in their Business Central environment to improve productivity.  

CGS purchased a Power Connector license, Dynamics 365 Field Service licenses for 19 users, Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium license for one user, and Binary Streams Standard licenses for three users. The CGS Team is very happy with their integrated environment and has been using it for the last several months to streamline their operations and enhance their electronics production and distribution. BCS has enjoyed working closely with CGS and we look forward to providing ongoing configuration consulting and support for their Dynamics 365 environment into the future.

BCS is happy to use our extensive expertise to help you transition your software solutions and take advantage of the benefits of Dynamics 365. For more information, please call (562) 988-3451 or contact sales@BondConsultingServices.com!