Unique Customizations in the Cloud Dramatically Improves Business Operations for Ohio Landscape Supplier

Another impactful implementation of Business Central this year was for Ohio Mulch, a landscape supply company that produces and sells more mulch in Ohio than any other manufacturer. In business for more than 30 years, the company now has 24 retail stores and production facilities in South Georgia, North Kentucky, Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus that manufacture high-quality mulch.

Back in 2006, Ohio Mulch deployed Dynamics NAV and heavily customized the application to accommodate its unique operations. The customizations made upgrades challenging and expensive, so they continued to use the old version of Dynamics NAV through 2019. In January 2020, BCS began working with Ohio Mulch on a rapid migration from the old application to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud. Once again, Ohio Mulch required several customizations unique to their business. BCS worked closely with the Ohio Mulch project team to implement customizations for negative inventory, matching freight accruals to sales orders, Bill of Lading, and converting base units of measure for pallets. Ohio Mulch went live with Business Central on March 1, 2020.

“BCS and DemandDynamics helped us complete our migration to Business Central in record time and it went quite smoothly”, said Susan Lucore, Ohio Mulch Controller. “We’re very pleased with the professionalism, implementation management, development efforts, and results that we achieved with BCS and Business Central.”

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Stockkeeping Unit

By: ANDI (Seetharaman A. Rajaram) – Senior Consultant

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, Stockkeeping Units (SKU), are a supplement to item cards. The Stockkeeping units are used to setup a location-wise dedicated setup/configuration for an Item such as replenishment, planning, and others.

Why do we need SKU?

Well when we have an Item (say Computer display), where a company wants to keep a different stock and maintain a separate planning parameter say location wise differently, then SKU in Business Central will help you accomplish this task.

Please follow the guide below, if you need to setup Item parameters differently per location or per variant, because of various planning parameters (if any) that you want to maintain as per the company’s needs.

Steps to create SKU:

1. Search for Stockkeeping Unit and select the appropriate link.


2. Select “Create Stockkeeping Units”.

  • Enter the “No” (Item No) for which Item you are planning to create SKU.
  • Enter the “Location filter”, for which Item you would like to maintain a different parameter.

Select “OK” to create the SKU.

3. View the created “Stockkeeping Unit”.

4. Search for Stockkeeping Unit and select the “Stockkeeping units” link (referred above), you will be seeing the list of Stockkeeping unit you have created.

For the same item (Item No:1896-S), SKU created for Location EAST, MAIN and WEST.

5. Select the “Item No.” and set the parameters (Replenishment system, planning) you would like to set for each Item.


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Leader in Wholesale Home and Garden Décor Grows their Business by Implementing Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales

The Bond Consulting Services (BCS) Team of expert consultants specializes in reselling, implementing, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics Products. BCS recently partnered with the organization known as Exhart to implement and deploy Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales to boost their business performance.

Exhart is a wholesale home and garden décor business that focuses on bringing innovation, color, and fun into homes across the United States. Exhart is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over thirty years. Some of their popular garden products include colorful gnomes, whimsical wind chimes, elegant glass décor, efficient solar lighting, and adorable bird feeders. Exhart’s motto is “Happy Homes. Smiling Gardens.”

As Exhart’s customer base and product line continued to expand, the company realized that they had outgrown QuickBooks and needed better business software and multi-channel capabilities to help manage and develop their business. After an extensive search for the right solution, Exhart selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the ecosystem to build upon, and SellerCloud to manage its multi-channel transactions.

BCS appreciated and related to Exhart’s mission of spreading joy, and we quickly got to work to support the amazing customer experience that Exhart provides. BCS quickly configured Business Central and Dynamics 365 for Sales, and developed a custom integration with SellerCloud. We worked closely with Exhart to train, test and support its cutover from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 integrated with SellerCloud. BCS also deployed Power BI that provides powerful business dashboards that enable management to make better business decisions.  BCS continues to work closely with Exhart to enhance and support its Dynamics 365 solution.

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Exhart, Michael Weiser, shared: “Thanks to Dynamics 365 and BCS, Exhart has significantly improved operational efficiency and visibility to critical business information, which helps us continue to spread smiles to our customer’s homes and gardens long into the future.”

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The Must-Have Business Central App for those with Inventory

There are many reasons an organization may choose to use Dynamics 365 Business Central. They may have outgrown their accounting system’s capabilities, their business evolved and needed a better decision-support platform, or, as a new business, the Business Central Cloud subscription model was enticing.

Apart from the accounting capabilities, organizations turn to Business Central to drive supply chain optimization. Where there is a supply chain, there is inventory to be managed.

Whether you are a one-person shop or a larger organization, you likely receive, stock, pick, and ship inventory of some sort. For those that do, you’ll want to check out the free app from Insight Works explicitly designed for Business Central Cloud. The app is called WMS Express.

WMS Express is an app that transforms inventory management from a paper-based-data-entry process to using mobile devices with barcode scanners to interface with Business Central in real-time. Whether you manage a small stock room or a large warehouse, WMS Express is an app to consider.

With WMS Express, users can use Android-based smartphones or purpose-built mobile computers to perform inventory receipts, put-aways, picks, and shipments, all from a handheld device.

No more manual entry

WMS Express eliminates the need to work from paper documents, which require manually entering data into Business Central. Manual data entry is prone to errors, something the WMS Express app eliminates. Take, for example, receiving a shipment of inventory. Without WMS Express, users will print out a purchase order or warehouse receipt and physically check-off the items sitting at receiving. This information is then entered into Business Central.

Alternatively, using WMS Express, your receiver will select the applicable purchase order or warehouse receipt from the mobile device and proceeds to scan the receiving stock in any order. Once all the items have been scanned, the receipt gets posted to Business Central. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. The process is similar for put-aways, picks, and shipping.

Significantly speed up inventory counts

In addition to the features mentioned above, WMS Express is your best friend when it comes to performing physical inventory counts. Gone are the days of the clipboard where you count stock and enter data. With WMS Express, you’ll significantly reduce your inventory count time by simply scanning barcodes.

Lots of devices to choose from

WMS Express supports a wide range of Android-based mobile devices. While using a smartphone in smaller operations is possible, organizations will often turn to more efficient purpose-built mobile devices that offer better scanning performance and ruggedness.

Smartphones will use the built-in camera to scan barcodes, while a handheld scanning device will use a scan engine of some sort. While the difference may seem subtle because, in the end, both will scan a barcode, a handheld scanning device will significantly outperform a smartphone in the long-run. Depending on the scan engine’s specs, mobile devices are capable of scanning barcodes in a fraction of a second. They can also scan dirty or slightly damaged barcodes, scan off-axis, and scan different distances ranging from a few inches to over 70 feet. Mobile devices will also have stronger glass and can withstand drops onto harder surfaces when compared to smartphones.

Right choice for any business with inventory

The WMS Express app from Insight Works isn’t just for those operating a warehouse. Any business, regardless of size, that has some level of inventory, can benefit from using a mobile device with WMS Express. WMS Express comes in three “flavors” depending on your organization’s specific needs.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Assembly Order Process

By: ANDI (Seetharaman Andiappan Rajaram) – Senior Consultant

Assembly Management:

An assembly item is defined as a sellable item that contains an assembly BOM (Bill Of Material).

Assembly items are used by companies that supply products to their customers by combining components in simple processes without using full manufacturing functionality. Business Central includes features to assemble items that integrate with existing features, such as sales, planning, reservations, and warehousing.

The instructions below guide you through an assembly order process.

Assembly Setup:

Click on the search icon () and enter “Assembly Setup”, select the related link to view the Assembly Setup.

Set the Stockout warning, number series for the “Assembly orders”, “Posted Assembly Orders”.

Click on the search icon () and enter “Item”. Select the related link.

Then in the Assembly BOM screen, under the Type column, choose an Item.

Make sure the “Replenishment system” is set to “Assembly”. Under the “Assembly tab”, set the Assembly policy as “Assemble-to-Stock” or “Assemble-to-order”.

Assembly items can be set up for two different assembly processes:

“Manufacturing Policy” need to be set as per the following:

  • Assemble to stock
  • Assemble to order

The field “Assembly BOM > Yes” means, this Item has BOM attached. Once you select the YES, you will be able to see the BOM set for this Item.

You can also go to Assembly BOM by navigating as per below:

In Assembly BOM, it is possible to add Item as well as resources. In the Assembly BOM screen, under the Type column, choose Item (for example, a component in inventory) or Resource (for example, labor).

In the No. column, select the component or resource from the drop-down list.  The Description will auto-populate.

Select “Quantity Per” field and enter the quantity needed for the assembly.

Continue to populate each line with the necessary items and resources until your Assembly BOM is complete.

After updating the Assembly BOM, go to the Item and see “Assembly BOM” field will now set to “Yes”, for the item you have configured the Assembly BOM.

Assembly Order:

There are multiple ways to create an Assembly Order.

When the “Manufacturing Policy” and the “Replenishment System” settings in the Item Card are set to “Assembly”, then under the “Assembly tab”, set the Assembly policy as “Assemble-to-Stock” or “Assemble-to-Order”.

After this setting, when a Sales Order is created for this Item, where Assembly BOM is set, an Assembly Order is automatically created.

Another way, you can create an Assembly Order is manually.

Select “Statistics” to view the statistics of the Assembly Order.

Select Post to Post the Assembly Order.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP | Microsoft 2020 Year End Update

By: Jennifer Ryan – Dynamics GP Senior Consultant

The Dynamics GP 2020 Year End Update has been released and there are many enhancements and features to be rolled out to GP2018 and (some for) GP2016.

The following updates will be rolled back to GP2016:

  • Non-Employee Compensation Form 1099-NEC
  • Add DBA Name Field on Vendor Maintenance Window for 1099 Vendors
  • Form 1099-MISC Updates

The IRS has moved Non-Employee Compensation to the 1099-NEC form and revised the 1099-MISC form.  The GP 2020 Year End update will make the appropriate fields available on the Vendor Cards and entry screens, as well as the updates to the forms.

This update will apply to GP2018 and GP2016.

Please see the following links for more information:

Microsoft U.S. 2020 Year-End Update in Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2020 New Feature Blog

Non-Employee Compensation (NEC) for 1099 Form

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Vendor Payment Reversal

By: Lupe Haro – Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultant

There are instances when a payment issued to a vendor needs to be reversed or canceled. Depending on how the payment was initially issued you can find the steps below on how to reverse it.

Option 1: Reversal of Check Payment

If a payment was entered as a computer check, please use the steps below.

1. Open the bank account card for the checkbook where the payment was issued from.

2. Within the bank account card, click on Bank Account >  Check Ledger Entries

3. Locate and select the payment that needs to be reversed.

4. With the payment selected, click on Process > Void Check

5. The void check window will come up and you will need to select the appropriate action. Click Yes upon selecting the appropriate action.

a. Unapply and void check – must be selected when the payment is applied to an invoice

b. Void Check only – if payment is not applied, select this option

6. The status of the payment will change to “Financially Voided” and the entry will be reversed in the appropriate ledgers.

Option 2: Reversal of Journal Payment

If a payment was entered in any other form other than a computer check, please use the steps below.

1. Open the vendor card for which the payment was issued for.

2. Select Vendor > Ledger Entries

3. Locate the payment that you would like to reverse.

4. Select Process > Reverse Transaction

5. In the Reverse Transaction Entries window, you will get a preview of the transactions being reverse. Click on Reverse to reverse the transaction.

6. Click Yes to confirm the reversal.

7. A notification will come up confirming the successful reversal of the transaction.

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Accelerate Growth on the World’s Connected Business Cloud

To grow your business, you need to transform from a reactive to proactive organization. To take action based on insights, rather than reacting to what happened. Having a clear, holistic view of the entire business—not just parts. And making critical decisions not by guesswork, but from insights from connected data across the company.

Dynamics 365 revolutionizes CRM and ERP by applying intelligence to all forms of data, helping your team evolve reactive business decisions to proactive insights that empower them to accelerate business results every day.

From engaging your customers, optimizing operations, empowering your employees or transforming your products and services, Dynamics 365 gives you a deep understanding of your business to help digitally transform and achieve success in your own terms.

Get started by transforming operations and sales:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales seamlessly integrate with Office 365—the perfect combination for the best of cloud productivity and the next generation of ERP and CRM applications.

Run your entire business with a Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Optimize and automate business processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central—a comprehensive business management solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

Modernize sales productivity with Dynamics 365 Sales:

Streamline sales workflows using tools they already use, like Office 365 and LinkedIn.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Posted Sales Invoice Correction Options

By: Lupe Haro – Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultant

In Business Central, once transactions are posted you are no longer able to make changes on the specific transaction. If a transaction is posted incorrectly and changes need to be made, the following guide will walk you through the available options for the posted sales invoices.

1. In the Global Search , enter “Posted Sales Invoices” and select the option in red.

2. Locate and select the invoice that was posted incorrectly.

3. Select Correct and the necessary option that applies:

  • Correct – Will reverse the posted invoice and automatically create a new invoice with the same information so you can correct before posting. This posted invoice will automatically be canceled.
  • Cancel – Will create and post a sales credit memo that reverses the posted sales invoice. The posted sales invoice will be canceled.
  • Create Corrective Credit Memo – Will create a credit memo for the posted invoice that will need to be completed and posted manually to reverse the posted invoice. This allows you to issue a credit memo for a partial amount.

4. If you select the Correct or Cancel option, you will receive a message to confirm the action like the below.

5. Depending on the option selected, the corresponding transactions will be created and posted.

6. For the Correct and Create Corrective Credit Memo options you will be able to make the necessary changes to the Invoice or Credit Memo and then post it.


NOTE: The options provided in this guide are only available for invoices that have the full amount remaining and nothing has been applied to them. If there are payments made against the transaction they can either be unapplied in the customer ledger entries or a manual credit memo can be created to reverse part of the invoice.


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Eliminate Multiple Systems and Connect Your Entire Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Are you tired of disconnected systems and siloed information? Are you managing your business in Excel? Are you struggling with frustratingly slow and insufficient reports? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, let us help you overcome your challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management application that helps companies connect their financials, sales, service, and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions. Combine your multiple disconnected systems into one. Boost efficiency with automated tasks and workflows. Get a complete picture of your business, with built-in intelligence when and where you need it.

Start with what you need quickly and easily, then be ready for growth. With your business running in the cloud, it’s easy to change and adapt at your own pace. Easily tailor and extend the application to meet your unique business or industry-specific needs.

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