Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Add Landed Cost to Items Received from a Third-Party Freight Vendor

By: Carlos Lozano – Dynamics Business Central Lead Consultant

To apply landed cost to orders when the freight vendor is not the Vendor of the goods, follow this procedure:

1. Create and post the purchase order for the good’s Vendor without including Freight charges. Take note of the Purchase Receipt No.

2. To add the Landed cost, create a Purchase Invoice using the Freight Vendor.

a. Select the Vendor and enter the Vendor Invoice No., complete other info as necessary.

b. In the Lines section, add a Charge (Item)

c. Specify the Quantity as 1 and the cost of the freight in Direct Unit Cost Excl. Tax.

d. Click on [Lines] Line > Related Information > Item Charge Assignment

e. In the Item Charge Assignment (Purch) page, select Item Charge > Get Receipt Lines

f. Locate the Purchase Receipt, select each line and click OK.

g. Now select Item Charge > Suggest Item Charge Assignment… and select how you want to distribute the cost among the item lines.

h. Once the selection is made, click on OK and note the Qty. to Assign values for each line. Scroll to the right to see the cost that will be added to each line.

i. Lastly, click Close and post the Purchase Invoice.

3. To verify the Landed Cost was added to the Items, go to the Item card for any of the Items and look at the Unit Cost vs. the Last Direct Cost. The amount in the Unit Cost will reflect the Landed Cost. The Value Entries will also show the added cost.

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What's New in Dynamics 365 Marketing for 2021!

Dynamics 365 Marketing is the leading global Marketing Automation Software powered by the Microsoft Cloud which supports multi-channel campaigns, lead management, marketing analytics, event management, sales and marketing alignment, and many more features to find and nurture sales-ready leads.

As so much has changed over the last year, businesses need to update their marketing strategies from tradeshows, digital campaigns, and megaphone messaging to personalized customer experiences, engaging events, and insight-based decisions. Microsoft recently launched new features and capabilities for Dynamics 365 Marketing in 2021 to inspire these changes and promote end-to-end customer journeys to boost business performance today and long into the future.

Dynamics 365 Marketing 2021 Release Wave 1 Updates:

  1. Expanded Microsoft Teams Integration: Dynamics 365 Marketing consists of powerful Teams collaboration capabilities that enable customers and prospects to seamlessly connect to relevant events and webinars. The new Teams updates will also enable marketers to use a simple click functionality to export relevant content from Teams to Dynamics 365 Marketing to create a personalized journey.
  2. Powerful AI Capabilities for Improved Decision-Making: New AI capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing enables real-time monitoring of customer journeys and channel KPIs. AI also supports channel optimization and encourages marketers to create deeply personalized emails to target and nurture potential leads.
  3. Access to More Channels: The Wave 1 Release for 2021 enables marketers to create and send SMS messages to customers through any mobile phone. It also supports a new and improved email editor for team members to quickly create and edit emails without compromises. Leverage the new centralized asset library to manage personalized content and deliver the best image, video, document, or fragment to your customer messages.
  4. Streamlined Customer Journey Orchestration: Dynamics 365 Marketing emphasizes customer journey orchestration to encourage sales and marketing teams to engage with customers in real-time. The new 2021 release updates include an event catalog with built-in, custom events to trigger customer journeys. These customer journeys can be leveraged to target leads, contacts, and opportunities in the system. Customer journey orchestration can span across Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales, Commerce, and Service to support end-to-end business decisions. The new updates also enable marketers to hyper-personalize a customer’s journey with data and insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing enables B2C and B2B marketers and business users to engage customers in real-time, win customers and earn loyalty faster, personalize customer experiences with AI and build customer trust with a unified platform. Unlike other solutions, Dynamics 365 Marketing can help drive end-to-end experiences with AI-assisted actions and is easy to use for business users. This helps organizations to elevate customer experiences.

As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, Bond Consulting Services highly recommends the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform for companies looking to optimize marketing and sales strategies. Discover more about how Dynamics 365 Marketing can add effectiveness to achieving your marketing goals by calling (562) 988-3451 or scheduling a free consultation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Power BI & OData Updated Capabilities

By: Malika Gaona – Microsoft Dynamics Data Analyst/Business Central Consultant

In May of 2019, Bond Consulting Services (BCS) partnered with a leading wholesale home retailer and distributor to deploy Dynamics 365 Business Central to simplify business operations. The distributor sells unique products that are purchased by major department stores and retail companies throughout the U.S. including Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and many others, through the eCommerce Sales Hub known as SellerCloud.

SellerCloud compiles all inventory, warehouse, processing, and shipping data and helps to manage multi-channel transactions for the company. The BCS Team developed a custom integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central and SellerCloud to ensure an effective and streamlined ecosystem. The BCS Team also deployed the Power BI functionality that provides powerful business dashboards and utilizes Business Central web services to analyze data and existing queries from their Business Central environment to enable faster and stable reporting.

Even with the custom integrations and powerful reporting capabilities, the wholesale distributor struggled to monitor their daily sales, as they were receiving hundreds of orders, which placed a major strain on their software systems. A direct connection between Business Central and Power BI would often take hours to refresh the data and it would experience a “timeout error” which prevented the team from reviewing daily transactions. This was a major disruption for the sales and accounting teams as it was a slow and strenuous process to review detailed transactions in a given time frame.

With a recent Microsoft update, BCS was able to utilize the OData web services that allows the processing of large amounts of data in a short amount of time. OData is extremely helpful as it highlights exactly the data you need to review –no more and no less– to save time and cost:

With the OData capabilities and the efforts of the BCS Team, the distributor is now able to refresh and analyze their business data in a matter of minutes (if not less than a minute)! The leading distributor is extremely relieved and excited that their Power BI report is now working seamlessly. The company can efficiently create powerful charts and graphs to easily measure sales orders, order quantities, payments and consumption rates:

This functionality has been hugely helpful for the sales, accounting, and supply chain management teams as it provides fast and reliable data analysis to make smarter business decisions and boost performance today and long into the future.

BCS is excited to continue pushing the boundaries of business intelligence and we look forward to discovering new capabilities of Power BI and OData which are to be rolled out by Microsoft over the next few months.

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Free Warehouse Management App Available for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Here at Bond Consulting Services (BCS), we work with many great Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in an effort to provide our customers with solutions that work for them and deliver value. Case in point: We’re excited to share with you a free app for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud thanks to our trusted partner, Insight Works.

The app is called WMS Express, and it represents a warehouse management system for Business Central Cloud that brings mobile device integration to the warehouse floor. Why is this such a big deal? For one, the app is free, but there are also three versions to choose from depending on your type of business. Each version is designed to help businesses streamline their warehouse or retail environment.

These versions include:

WMS Express Standard – Ideal for organizations that use purchase and sales orders but don’t utilize warehouse documents such as picks and put-aways.

WMS Express Basic Warehouse – A solid option for those who run a simple warehouse and have enabled inventory put-aways and inventory picks.

WMS Express Warehouse – A good choice for those using the warehouse document features of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Click here for a complete comparison of the different versions available.

Key Features

WMS Express seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, and configuring the app is simple, requiring less than five minutes by simply scanning a barcode; by scanning a barcode generated by a customer’s specific version of Business Central, WMS Express will actually configure itself. What’s more, both Android and Windows operating systems on mobile devices are supported, in addition to a variety of handheld devices such as mobile computers, tablets, smartphones, wearables and others.

Multi-dimensional barcodes are also supported by WMS Express (i.e. both 1D and 2D types), and for those adopting 2D data matrix barcodes, the compact size and large data capacity are definite benefits, enabling users to store more information and collect more information in a single scan.

What it all Boils Down To

Effectively, WMS Express from our partner, Insight Works, saves those working in the warehouse sector a great deal of time while increasing accuracy. This is achieved by scanning barcodes to manage different warehouse operations, so whether you run a simple operation wherein purchase and sales orders are used or run a more complex warehouse, WMS Express will help streamline processes.

Further, because it was built specifically for Business Central, WMS Express works seamlessly with your cloud implementation of Business Central, irrespective of your warehouse configuration – so, unlike bolt-on solutions, you won’t experience integration issues or need to learn a new interface.

By combining WMS Express with the warehousing management functions in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, you can effectively manage the movement of inventory and more efficiently control your supply chain.

This video highlights everything Insight Works has put into WMS Express, and is a great way to begin getting your feet wet with the product.

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America’s First Craft Brewery Relies on Dynamics GP & Horizons Manufacturing to Brew Up Their Delicious Beverages

Anchor Brewing is America’s first craft brewery that has been a pillar of the community and a staple of San Francisco heritage since 1896. Not only are their beers enjoyed by many, but Anchor Brewing is one of the last remaining breweries to produce California common beer (also referred to as Steam beer). Located on Potrero Hill in the heart of San Francisco’s seaport area, Anchor Brewing offers a wide selection of delicious beers, along with tasting sessions and public guided tours of the brewery.

Bond Consulting Services (BCS) is a fan of good beers, so BCS partnered with Anchor Brewing in 2010. BCS Team members worked quickly and efficiently to implement Dynamics GP for the brewer’s core financials. Along with the Dynamics GP platform, BCS implemented Horizons Manufacturing to ensure full process manufacturing and quality control. BCS has enhanced and supported Anchor Brewing’s Dynamics solutions for over 10 years, and we are excited to continue providing support for this great tasting historical brewery.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | 1099 2020 Form Update

By: Lupe Haro – Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultant

For 2021, the IRS has made some changes to the 1099 forms including the new form 1099 NEC. Business Central supports the new 1099 changes and we have provided the steps below on how you can update the forms.

(NOTE: The steps below need to be ran by a user with admin permissions.)

1. In the Global Search, enter “1099 Form Boxes” and select the option in red.


2. Select Process > Update Form Boxes

(NOTE: Running the action Update Form Boxes makes reporting for 2019 impossible, since some boxes change their meaning. Make sure that you have done all of your reporting for 2019 before you update the form boxes to prepare your system for reporting for 2020.)


3. A Job Query window will open, click ok in the message


4. Change the Earliest Start Date/Time if needed and select Process > Set Status to Ready


5. Once the status is set to ready, the system at the scheduled start time will go through and update all the vendor records from MISC-07 to NEC-01 and update the 1099 form boxes. Click on the back arrow to close the window.


6. Once it completes, you can verify the 1099 form boxes and the vendor record to reflect the updates made.


The new Nonemployee compensation form can then be generated, by searching for “Vendor 1099 Nec” under the global search.


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A Top Software Network and Services Provider Improves User Experience by Implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central

A perfect example of a quick and successful migration from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central is Zenlayer. Zenlayer is a thriving multinational cloud services provider headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, that delivers managed hosting, colocation and networking to global data centers with distributed denial of services (DDoS) protection solutions. The main mission of Zenlayer is to help businesses improve digital user experiences both quickly and globally by providing them with the best software and cloud services available.

In September 2019, Bond Consulting Services (BCS) began working with Zenlayer to upgrade their software applications to Business Central. Given the critical and specialized functions of the company, Zenlayer required certain customizations to fulfill their operational and accounting requirements. BCS took the time to fully understand the goals of the company as well as the desires of the employees before making any changes to their existing software in order to make the transition as simple and smooth as possible. The BCS team worked tirelessly to rapidly transition Zenlayer’s software and implement Business Central within a few months. BCS also deployed Jet Reports financial reporting and Power BI for other business reports.

BCS customized Zenlayer’s Business Central solution to enable it to better track its rapid growth and expansion of its business model by reorganizing its logical Corporate Accounting structure to reflect multiple companies, captured under a newly consolidated organization. Additional specific customizations include massive imports of orders and invoices from their trading system into Business Central, implementation of a simpler Tax Rate solution, and customization of sales reports to include additional information on demand.

BCS is happy to use our extensive expertise to help you transition your software solutions and take advantage of the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central. For more information, please contact or schedule a free consultation.

Register Now for Microsoft's Free Diversity & Inclusion Digital Event, Include 2021!

For the first year ever, Microsoft is hosting Include 2021 which is a global and digital event that celebrates diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business. Include 2021 will kick-off this Wednesday on March 17th and it will feature powerful speakers including industry leaders such as Kimberlé Crenshaw (Co-founder and Executive Director of the African American Policy Forum) and Eduardo Briceño (Co-founder and CEO of Mindset Works). The conference will also include various live sessions, demonstrations and breakout activities on important topics such as allyship, disability, intersectionality, gender and mental health in an effort to effect individual and collective action for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) is extremely excited to participate in the new digital event experience and learn from the insights and advice shared by these influential industry experts.

Include 2021 emphasizes the importance of recognizing your privilege and leading with purpose, intention and ongoing empathy. Not everyone has the same access to resources and opportunities that drive business success, but Microsoft believes meaningful and sustainable change is possible through collaborative and passionate efforts to prioritize diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Microsoft is also planning to launch a site on that will feature diversity and inclusion learning content and important insights from global experts in social change, academia and law so there are always resources available. BCS and many other companies around the world greatly appreciate this opportunity to reflect on and improve our diversity and inclusion efforts inside our organization and in the larger community. We are committed to moving businesses and communities forward in every way possible and are thrilled to take full advantage of this digital event experience.

BCS encourages anyone who is motivated to improve their diversity and allyship efforts and to establish a more inclusive, understanding work environment to attend the upcoming virtual conference. To register for Include 2021 for free or to sign-in, visit the Microsoft Include website. For more information, visit our BCS website or schedule a free consultation!

6 Major Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

As customers needs grow, sales teams experience more and more challenges when it comes to closing deals. From identifying the right prospect, to connecting that prospect with the right agent, to making the sale, your sales team needs to be in the know every step of the way.

Dynamics 365 Sales is Microsoft’s premier cloud-based CRM that is used by companies of all sizes to automate key business processes. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) is a Microsoft Gold ERP and Silver CRM Competent Partner that specializes in implementing, customizing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics solutions. BCS strongly encourages the implementation and optimization of Dynamics 365 Sales as it will empower your sales team to better understand customer needs and close deals effectively.

Major Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales:

  1. Leads Management

With Dynamics 365 Sales, your organization can store and manage leads effectively by easily identifying high-priority prospects.

  1. Business Agility

Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud-based solution which means it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Additionally, Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to identify market trends quickly, giving you an edge over your competitors.

  1. Targeting the Right Prospects

Dynamics 365 Sales will help identify the right leads, or potential customers to your business. It will provide you with real-time insights on existing customers and ­potential customers, and it will increase sales efficiency by targeting time and effort on leads that matter.

  1. Effective Communication

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, communicating with leads and customers is made easy through useful insights and important analytics.

  1. Boosting Sales Productivity

Since Dynamics 365 Sales is in the cloud, the solution offers workforce mobility and scalability. It enables your sales team to access their tools from their preferred environment through any device, which will ensure a greater lift in the overall productivity of your sales team.

Dynamics 365 Sales will encourage sales managers to accelerate their team's performance using real-time analytics based on historical data and predictive information.

  1. Improved Customer Service

With integrated data analytics and user dashboards in Dynamics 365 Sales, you can align your marketing strategies with your customers' unique needs. Dynamics 365 Sales will help you build relationships and increase revenue.


Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales the Best Sales Tool? 

Dynamics 365 is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management providers. Being a Microsoft product, unlike any other sales tools available in the market, you get a full range of back-office business applications. This enormous benefit means that you do not have to implement and integrate separate ERP and CRM. Dynamics 365 Sales offers great benefits, whether you are using a desktop, phone, or tablet.

There are many benefits that Dynamics 365 Sales will offer your business. It will organize your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from beginning to end, build strong relationships with your customers, take better actions based on real-time insights and close deals faster.


For more information on Dynamics 365 Sales or how BCS can help your business, please contact or schedule a free consultation!

One of the Largest Providers of Outsourced Oil & Gas Engineering Uses Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure Supported by BCS

Sierra Hamilton Holdings LLC (Sierra Hamilton) is an oil and energy company that focuses on exploration and production. Sierra Hamilton is extremely successful as one of the largest providers of outsourced engineering, workforce solutions, and onsite supervision services in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, Sierra Hamilton provides important contractor solutions for drilling, well control, reservoir, and production.

Sierra Hamilton decided to shake things up in 2018 when they made the switch to Business Central to better manage their purchasing and financial accounting. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) worked closely with Sierra Hamilton to implement Business Central and to ensure that the new software application surpassed the company’s expectations. BCS also developed extensive integrations with Sierra Hamilton’s proprietary operational systems using Azure as the integration platform. BCS’ rapid and successful implementation of Business Central and Azure guaranteed that Sierra Hamilton’s exceptional team of employees would be able to tackle even the most challenging projects with ease and finesse.

Richard Jackson, Sierra Hamilton’s IT Manager shared “BCS has been a great partner to work with from system design and implementation through ongoing support. BCS continues to be very reliable and helpful as we enhance our use of Dynamics and improve our business systems.”

To learn more about Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure, please contact or call (562) 988-3451!