Advanced Reporting using Microsoft Dynamics GP by David Bond

All the data that you prepare, setup and input in your ERP system is the raw data that your business generates. Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are some standard reports that we all use. The true power of your ERP system is not in how much data is in your system, or how fast it can be processed. The real value of your Dynamics GP is to understand the data in the system better, and faster than previously possible.

Advanced reporting either using Smartlist Builder, Excel Reports, or SQL Server Reporting Services should be an area of focus for your accounting team. Use your personnel to define the data that needs to be reported. Figure out if your distribution processes can be enhanced with a few key insights into your live and not so-historical data. Compare your numbers, sliced and diced in different methods, to those of last month, last quarter or last year.

Bond Consulting Services can help you define and build reports using the tools mentioned above to allow for maximum value from your ERP system. From advanced Employee productivity reports, to getting the sales data you need to forecast shipments more accurately, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides you the tools to get access to these critical business metrics. Stay ahead of the competition with your own advanced reporting capabilities; ask us where to start.