Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Add Landed Cost to Items Received from a Third-Party Freight Vendor

By: Carlos Lozano – Dynamics Business Central Lead Consultant

To apply landed cost to orders when the freight vendor is not the Vendor of the goods, follow this procedure:

1. Create and post the purchase order for the good’s Vendor without including Freight charges. Take note of the Purchase Receipt No.

2. To add the Landed cost, create a Purchase Invoice using the Freight Vendor.

a. Select the Vendor and enter the Vendor Invoice No., complete other info as necessary.

b. In the Lines section, add a Charge (Item)

c. Specify the Quantity as 1 and the cost of the freight in Direct Unit Cost Excl. Tax.

d. Click on [Lines] Line > Related Information > Item Charge Assignment

e. In the Item Charge Assignment (Purch) page, select Item Charge > Get Receipt Lines

f. Locate the Purchase Receipt, select each line and click OK.

g. Now select Item Charge > Suggest Item Charge Assignment… and select how you want to distribute the cost among the item lines.

h. Once the selection is made, click on OK and note the Qty. to Assign values for each line. Scroll to the right to see the cost that will be added to each line.

i. Lastly, click Close and post the Purchase Invoice.

3. To verify the Landed Cost was added to the Items, go to the Item card for any of the Items and look at the Unit Cost vs. the Last Direct Cost. The amount in the Unit Cost will reflect the Landed Cost. The Value Entries will also show the added cost.

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