Dynamics 365 Business Central | Quality & Manufacturing Case Study

By: ANDI (Seetharaman A. Rajaram) – Senior Consultant

In February of 2021, Bond Consulting Services (BCS) partnered with a leading manufacturer of spherical and atomized metal powders to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise. The chemical manufacturer’s powders are used by aerospace companies and the U.S. military for defense purposes.

The company’s atomized powders consist of chemical, biological and physical properties that all interact to affect the quality of the powder produced. During the intricate and detailed production process, the solid materials are broken down into a granular size and the properties are analyzed to ensure the perfect combination of materials to produce their specialized, soft metal powders.

To comply with government restrictions and protect the confidentiality of its chemical processes, the manufacturer desired Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise to optimize their manufacturing operations due to the enhanced security and greater ability to control each step in the chemical process. The company also desired its Business Central environment to be integrated with the Quality module to streamline their chemical inspection process during production.

The BCS Team took great care to understand the needs and requirements of the leading manufacturer before implementing the integrated solution. Firstly, our expert team of consultants reached out to various partners across the country (and the world) to determine the best 3rd party ISV tool to deploy a Quality module that complies with all government regulations. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Godrej Infotech (a leader in consulting and technology services) provided the best Quality module solution that could be easily customized and deployed for the manufacturer by the BCS Team. The specialty Quality module will enable the manufacturing teams to analyze the percentage amounts of each property in the powder, and finetune the process to improve the percentages so the powder byproduct is exactly how they want it. This material inspection was a difficult, manual process for the manufacturer but thanks to the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365, the inspection process will now be fully automated and captured in their integrated Business Central environment.

The Business Central environment will also automatically reflect inventory amounts and other important metrics so the manufacturer can easily determine the amounts and types of raw materials needed to configure the products for their customers. The Business Central and Quality modules will reflect all the necessary requirements of the chemical manufacturer, as well as the certificate for chemical and physical analysis. BCS is currently in the discovery process with the leading manufacturer and expects the integrated solution to be fully deployed within the next few months.

BCS remains dedicated to customizing and transforming a solution to work for companies of various sizes and purposes. Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Quality Module can be leveraged for many different discrete and process industries to automate complicated operations and boost business performance.

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