Medical Device Manufacturer Leverages the BCS Power Connector to Integrate Dynamics 365 Solutions and Automate Sales Process

In 2020, Bond Consulting Services (BCS) partnered with a medical device manufacturer that sells products and services to both patients, clinicians who service patients, and distributors of medical devices. The BCS Team implemented both Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central solutions for the Client leveraging the BCS Power Connector for advanced integration between the two solutions. The integrated Dynamics 365 solution helped the Client facilitate a fully enabled sales process – empowering its sales team and sales process with integrations to Accounting, Inventory and Order Management functions. A description of the processes built on the Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central platform is provided below.


Dynamics 365 Sales

The Client engaged BCS to implement a newly engineered Sales Process Flow using Dynamics 365 Sales. The D365 Sales solution uses traditional, out of the box CRM entities: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders. The Sales Process Flow, as illustrated in the attached, is as follows:

    • Information is obtained from marketing campaigns, events, or third parties and imported or entered into D365 Sales as Leads
    • Leads are nurtured until qualified – which then generate associated Account and Contact data, which then can be used to develop an Opportunity
    • Opportunities are advanced through three stages:

1. Develop – facilitated by the Sales team’s pursuit during which it adds user-defined “demographics” and metrics to augment the Opportunity’s “profile”

2. Propose – incorporate Product (SKUs) and Pricing data from the Client’s accounting system (QuickBooks at the outset of this initiative which was eventually replaced by a Business Central solution – also implemented by BCS) to generate corresponding Quotes and accompanying documentation

3. Close – upon receiving an approval of the Quote by the Customer

    • Orders are generated upon successful closing of an Opportunity (a win) or upon submission from the Client’s website
    • A Customer Purchase Order # is generated and is used to generate a corresponding:
            1. Invoice in Business Central
            2. Customer and Order in the Client’s Order Management solution
    • Invoices generated in Business Central are sent to the Customer for payment (terms apply)
    • Upon receiving payment from the Customer, the Order Fulfillment process is executed
    • Upon completion of Order Fulfillment, Order Status is changed to “Fulfilled” in D365 Sales
    • Order line items are updated in D365 Sales are updated to further reflect fulfillment


Business Central (NAV)

The Business Central solution implemented for the Client by BCS further enables the Client’s sales process by:

    • Maintaining inventory items and related data such as products and pricing to help populate Opportunities and Quotes facilitated by Sales
    • Establishing Customer and Vendor data to help facilitate the generation of Sales Orders and Invoices
    • Facilitating the Customer payments according to established terms for each Customer via its Accounts Payable module
    • Driving Order Fulfillment by providing the required product information (ex: serial #, product, etc)

Accurate timely execution of Sales was facilitated by an effective integration between Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central using BCS Power Connector, which is a powerful and extensible integration build with Microsoft Power Automate.

In addition to enhancing the Sales and Order Management processes, Business Central also provides much more robust Accounting features than their prior QuickBooks solution, which helped the Client to facilitate the:

    • Accurate and timely recording of all transactions via a newly-defined Chart of Accounts, General Ledger with supporting Dimensions to satisfy organizational structure, bookkeeping, regulatory and tax reporting requirements
    • Carrying forward of balances and execution of 2020 transactions to provide an effective starting point from which accurate recording of operations as of the cut-over date were able to commence
    • Generation of financial reporting for the Client’s Executive Leadership – Board Members, Owners, CTO, and CFO


The deployed Dynamics 365 – Business Central integrated solution significantly enhanced sales enablement and accounting processing for the Client. Additional initiatives are in progress for the Client related to Customer Service. The BCS Team is leveraging the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub to provide an intelligent Service Management function in support of the Client’s warranty and augmented support plans, as well as augmented Marketing Campaigns via an integration between Dynamics 365 Sales and MailChimp to provide more intelligence on the success of customer outreach as a precursor to the Sales Process Flow.

BCS may also be engaged to leverage integrations between Business Central and tightly integrated third-party software to help augment the Client’s Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, Advanced Inventory, Production Scheduling, and Quality Control functions to further enhance the automation of their overall operations.

Please contact for additional information on this success story and how BCS may assist your organization.