Business Central | How to Reverse an Invoiced Purchase Receipt

The Undo Receipt option is no longer possible when a Receipt has been invoiced. The correction might involve reopening the Posted Purchase Invoice, creating a Purchase Return Order, and recreating the Purchase Order.

Reopen the Purchase Invoice if a payment has been made:

  1. Search “Vendor Ledger Entries” and filter by the Vendor No. and Document Type = Invoice.
  2. Find the Invoice, then click on Process > Unapply Entries

  3. Click on Unapply and confirm with Yes.Note the “Invoice No.” as it will be used further in the procedure.

    Create a Purchase Return Order

    1. Navigate to Purchase Return Orders
    2. Create a new Purchase Return Order for the required Vendor. Change any information in the header if required, including adding a Cr. Memo number.
    3. Use the menu Prepare > Get Posted Lines to Reverse, and locate the Posted Purchase Invoice lines; you could also use other documents.
      • Turn on the “Return Original Quantity” toggle if some units have been sold or consumed.
    4. Select the lines to reverse, use Select More if required, and click OK.

    The system might warn about possible cost adjustments for existing entries.

    1. When the lines are imported, make any corrections and select a Return Reason Code if required.

    If you want to close the original Invoice when posting the Purchase Return, use Process Apply Entries to apply the new Credit Memo with the original Invoice. Just use the Set Applies to ID and click OK.

    1. Post the Invoice (Cr. Memo) – using Ship and Invoice.


    Recreate the Purchase Order

    1. Create a new Purchase Order for the same Vendor.
    2. Use Prepare > Copy Document to recreate the Purchase Order.
    • Select Document Type = Posted Invoice (or any other type that might have the information)
    • Find the correct Document No. (Invoice No.)
    • Confirm the Buy-From Vendor No./Name
    • Turn on the toggle “Include Header” and do not recalculate the lines; click OK

    1. Validate the information that matches the original Purchase Order, make any necessary corrections and post the Receipt.


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