Dynamics 365 Sales | Automating Importing Data Sets from an FTP Site

Instead of manually entering every record for a new data set, you can set up a process to automatically import a bulk spreadsheet of data from an FTP site and map each attribute to the corresponding field in Dynamics 365 Sales. This method is scalable, it saves time and will reduce entry errors to ensure the highest quality data in your system. D365 Sales is the data warehouse and Power Automate connects and integrates the data while checking for errors in the report. This method utilizes an FTP site meant for transferring data. The FTP site connects with Power Automate and CRM to run the necessary checks and import the data.

Using Power Automate, you can set up approval processes to remedy any errors in the data if it does not match up to your CRM specifications. This approval process sends a notification to a designated user whenever the system detects an issue or discrepancy in the data.

Note: PDF data can be converted to a spreadsheet file using Power Automate and similarly uploaded into the database

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