Microsoft Dynamics GP | Adding the Date Posted Field into a SmartList

By: George Rios – Senior Dynamics ERP Consultant

We have recently received several inquiries on obtaining information as to when specific accounting entries have actually been posted, as opposed to the GL transaction posting date. Getting this information from Dynamics GP is not that difficult, so follow these steps to solve the problem.

In the example below, we will be using SmartLists to get this information, as well as journal entry description information. Since the names of the columns within SmartLists are a bit vague, it helps to have this little bit of insight:

  • Originating Posted Date -> This is the date that the transaction was originally posted
  • Reference -> This relates to the journal entry descriptions, as well as the distribution reference that is entered at the subledger level

If you’re up for the challenge, the modifications are as follows:

  1. Expand on the Financial folder, then expand on the Account Transactions folder, and select the * option to start with a standard view.

  1. Click on the Columns button to open the Change Column Display window and then click on the Add button.

  1. Within the Columns window, locate and select the ‘Originating Posted Date’ column and then click the OK button.

  1. Repeat the same steps to locate the ‘Reference’ column and then click the OK button once again.

  1. Once the two columns are added, you can select the column description and adjust the placement/ order on the SmartList by selecting the column Display Name checkbox and then moving the placement up (or down) using the arrows on the right-hand margin.

  1. Once the order is set, you can click on the OK button to have the SmartList refreshed.

  1. When the SmartList reappears, it will have the new columns in the selected order.

  1. Save your changes by clicking on the Favorites button and saving the SmartList with an easily identifiable name. As a last set of steps, click Add and Add Favorite to save the SmartList.

  1. In order to adjust the amount of information being gathered by the SmartList, you will need to enter some search parameters; this can be done by clicking the Search button.

  1. Within the Search Account Transactions window, you can enter a range on the TRX Date column, which is the GL date. Additionally, you can adjust the number of records that can be displayed within this SmartList. Click OK to close this window and view the data results in the SmartList window.

  1. In order to maintain the information you have assembled, we recommend saving the changes one last time by clicking on the Favorites button within the SmartList window and clicking the Modify button.

If you have gotten this far, great work! The same principles can be applied when adding new columns to existing SmartLists. If you have any more questions about this process or Dynamics GP in general, please reach out to us at!