Streamline Migrations to Microsoft Tools

One of the most important parts of the integration process is the Data Migration. In this step all of your company’s most important data is transferred to the new environment. Whether you are moving to Office 365, OneDrive, or another Microsoft tool, can facilitate the transition with ease and quickness. is a Microsoft owned app that offers more convenient ways to accomplish a migration. Traditionally, complex data migrations take many hours to transfer all of the relevant data, but with transfer speeds are significantly reduced.

First this tool was originally used for SharePoint and SharePoint online, and now it is available to with DropBox, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, or any of the below listed authorized source connectors.

There are numerous benefits to using Mover for your migrations. Mover saves properties and permissions for all individual users as long as the user moves to the new system as well. Mover also migrates individual OneDrive Folders user by user and can be done for the whole company. If it is a set of specific users, this tool is best for those kind of scenarios. In addition, Mover has the option to condense down files and it only requires a global admin from the source and designation.

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