Microsoft Dynamics GP | PDF Jobs Freezing when Printing SOP Documents

By: George Rios – Senior Dynamics ERP Consultant

Just after completing an upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.4 recently, we ran across an issue where Adobe Acrobat seemed to be freezing up on the RDS server whenever users attempted to print Sales Order Processing documents. When we researched the recommended version of Adobe Acrobat, the system requirements document pointed us to an old version of Adobe Acrobat and was no help.

All we really knew is that Dynamics GP 18.4 was not printing sales documents, but upon the completion of testing, we found that all other documents seemed to be printing to a PDF file perfectly fine. Of course, all of the other reports/ documents were only text documents without logos or barcodes.

When researching the printing issue, we found plenty of documentation telling us to verify that the ‘Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts’ checkbox option is marked under the Adobe PDF Printing Preferences window. We verified that the recommended checkbox was marked, but that setting was getting us nowhere.

Out of curiosity we ended up taking the opposite approach. We left the box unchecked, and while testing we found that the heavily modified sales order processing documents did not freeze up and successfully converted to PDF files. Not having the box checked fixed the problem. We hope this approach saves you some time and frustration, as there is not a whole lot of information written about troubleshooting PDF printing issues out of Dynamics GP.

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