Dynamics 365 Business Central | Filter Totals and Balance at Date Totals

By: Jennifer Ryan

The Chart of Accounts list balances (totals) can be filtered by date and other useful parameters.

To filter by date, personalize the view to display the “Balance at Date” column. In the example, below, the Net Change and Balance at Date totals columns are filtered by the date filter. Note that the totals can be further filtered by other available options such as global dimension values.

Note that the View/Filter can be saved for future use.

Drill down to related detail by selecting the hyperlink amount in the following columns.

Net Change = Total value for the range of the date filter.

Balance at Date = Balance at the end of the date filter.

Balance = Current balance.

The Balance at Date column is also available on the Bank Account list which makes it easy to verify balances, by date, between bank accounts and related cash accounts.

Totals on other lists like Vendors and Customers can also be filtered. For more information about Business Central capabilities and customizations contact us at Support@BondConsultingServices.com or click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our Dynamics experts.