Dynamics 365 Business Central | Reviewing Posted Documents

By: Lupe Haro

In Business Central once transactions are posted, the historical transactions will be available for review under the ledger entries. In this blog, we will walkthrough the customer ledger entries page and the available options/processes within that page.

Accessing the Customer Ledger Entries

Customer Ledger entries can be accessed through two options noted below.

Option 1: Using the Search option

Click on the Search icon in the top right corner and search for “Customer Ledger Entries”. Select the option highlighted below.

The Customer Ledger Entries window will open, showing all the AR posted transactions including Invoices, Credit Memos, and Payments for all customers.

You can use the search option or the filter to find the necessary entries. The list can also be exported to Excel by selecting Share > Open in Excel.

Option 2: From Customer Card

From the customer card, you can select Customer > Ledger Entries.

This will show you only the posted transactions for this customer and you can also search or filter the list as needed. This list can also be exported to Excel the same way by selecting Share > Open in Excel. You also have other options like applying, unapplying or reversing a transaction.

Customer Ledger Entries Processes

Once transactions are posted, there are several functions that are available from the customer ledger entries page which include:

  • Change Transaction Due Dates
  • ¬†Apply or Unapply Entries
    • See Applied Entries
  • Reverse Transactions**
  • Drill down to the different ledgers
  • Reopen posted transactions

**NOTE: Reversing of transactions has some limitations, depending on the transaction type and status.

The customer ledger entries are a good place to look up any customer transactional history. In addition, the built-in Business Central filter options allow you to filter through the data and export it to Excel for further analysis.

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