Business Central | Essential Business Insights

One of the most overlooked features in Business Central is the Essential Business Insights extension. The Essential Business Insights extension finds business facts in your company data and displays them. The insights could be from the last week, month, three months from the current date, being updated every 10 minutes.

For example, in the Favorite Accounts tile, you can add all G/L Accounts that you would like to review on a regular basis, by adding a new account with the Favorite Accounts dropdown.

For the Business Performance tile, you can choose your report in the Business Performance dropdown. I will select the Income & Expense chart > Setup

Populate each field as needed.

  1. The Account Schedule Name field has been initially setup in the Accounts Schedule and is used to generate this report. You can edit and adjust the accounts at your convenience.
  2. Column Layout Name also comes from the Accounts Schedule page and too can be adjusted as you like.

Once the setup is complete, you can see the result in your tile.

Insights are a great resource to easily view and expose your Business Central data. If you need help setting up these reports, contact us at or click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.