Undo a Drop Shipment in Business Central

When a product is sent back by a customer because of some defect or issue with the product, it needs to be documented appropriately. In Business Central the normal way to undo these shipments comes standard, however there is no standard for Undoing Drop Shipments. Drop Shipments are timely shipments scheduled to ship the product directly to the end customer after the purchase order is completed. If your business uses the Drop Shipment method then it is necessary to understand how to Undo a Drop Shipped Product if some defect is present in the product.

When you complete a Drop Shipment in Business Central and post the sales shipment, the Purchase Receipts are posted automatically in the backend. When the shipped part needs to be Undone, the default Undo shipment method will not work for Drop Shipped parts because the Sales shipment is linked to Purchase Order and Purchase Receipt is linked to a Sales Order. Because of this, BC will not allow you to UNDO Shipment. Follow these steps to remedy the problem.

This comprehensive walkthrough begins from the creation of the Drop Ship Sales Order. Skip to Step 6 to begin the Undo process for Drop Shipped Products.

Step 1: Drop Ship Sales Order is Created.

Step 2: Search for “Requisition Worksheet.”

Step 3: Select Drop Shipment > Get Sales Orders…

Select “Ok” to get all the Sales Orders that need to be Drop Shipped.

Now you can see the suggested lines in Purchase Requisition for the Order that need to be Drop Shipped.

Step 4: Select Carry Out Action Message to create the Purchase Order.

Now you can view the created purchase order.

Step 5: Post the Sales Shipment.

Here is the Shipment that was just posted.

At the same time you can see that the Purchase Receipt is posted automatically.

Step 6: Undoing the Drop Shipment

Search for Sales Return Order in the main search bar.

Select the appropriate link to open the desired Sales Return Order. Select the Customer.

Select Functions > Copy Document.

Make sure that the Document Type = Posted Shipment and Document No. = Undo.

Post the Sales Return Order.

You only need to select Receive and then click Ok to post the Sales Return Receipt.

You can see an Item Ledger Entry where the remaining quantity is 1.

Step 7: Search for Purchase Return Order and select the corresponding order.

Select Vendor.

Select Functions > Copy Document.

Select “Document Type = Posted Receipt” and select the appropriate document to complete the desired return.

Select “Appl. to Item Entry.”

Select “Ship” to post the Purchase Return Order

Step 8: Verify the return by selecting the Item Ledger entry and checking that the remaining quantity is nullified.

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