Dynamics 365 Sales | Bulk Updates Excel Online

Here is an easy way to make bulk updates and corrections to any entity or record in Dynamics 365 Sales without having to export massive files to Excel. Using this trick, you will be able to edit records using Excel Online which saves you time and storage by eliminating the need to download and reupload large worksheets and workbooks.

We have set up an example case for the “My Active Accounts” view.

  1. Search the view for which you would like to make a bulk update
  2. Within the Export to Excel drop-down select “Open in Excel Online”
  1. Now you can update the information as needed with your changes saved online in real time. This example below depicts the “My Active Accounts” view with the capability to edit the data in each record or cell.

Be careful when entering data. Some fields have text character limit or other specific requirements which are typically outlined when hovering over a cell – make sure the data inputted matches the data requirement of the cell.

  1. Make sure to Save the changes. Tracking the Progress will trace those changes back into Dynamics 365 Sales automatically without uploading any large Excel files.