Excel Enhancements for Business Central (update version 19)

By: Lupe Haro – Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultant

With the release of Business Central version 19, Microsoft has made changes to the commonly used “Open in Excel” and “Edit in Excel” Options. Now, there is a new Share icon that has been added to the top right of the pages where you can now find these options.

This option has also been added to list pages that are embedded to pages like the sales lines on a sales order.

In addition to the new icon, there were also other enhancements included with the new release which include:

  • Captions in the excel file have now been updated to match the captions within the Business Central client in the user’s current language.
  • The names of the files exported when using Open in Excel or Edit in Excel have been updated to match the name of the page.
  • In the Excel Add-in, the error messages have been improved to provide more details to help troubleshoot issues.