Undo Assembly Process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

By: Seetharaman A. Rajaram – Senior Consultant

A recent scenario we have came across is the need to “undo” an assembly order when the assembled product is found defective and will not be sold to the customer. Please follow the steps below to guide you through this process.

Step 1: Go to the “Assembly Order” created for the Parent Item, a linked Assembly order is created automatically.

Step 2: Select Item Tracking Lines to assign a serial number for the parent item.

Step 3: The serial number is assigned to the Parent Item.

Step 4: Post the Assembly Order.

Step 5: The Posted Assembly Order looks like the image below.

Step 6: Now when a user finds an issue in the assembled product, that user can decide to “UNDO” the posted Assembly order before selling the Assembled product.

Step 7: Select YES.


Step 8: Then select YES if you want to create an assembly order from the posted assembly order.

Step 9: The Assembly Order is created again. Now the user can REDO the assembly process (by replacing the parts).

Step 10: Item Ledger entries will look like the image below and we can see the reversal of “Assembly Consumption” and “Assembly Output” entries.

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