Report Designer Authentication for Dynamics GP Management Reporter

After starting up Management Reporter Report Designer for the first time on a new computer, or after an upgrade, you will likely see the Companies window appear, which will require you to authenticate into your production Dynamics GP databases. When the Companies window appears, you will be presented with a list of companies that you can select from and set as a default company. You need to have one company selected as your default to access the Report Definitions window.

Here is a list of steps to get you authenticated into Report Designer:

  1. Select a company name and then select the ‘Set As Default’ button.

2. You will have to enter your Dynamics GP credentials and then be sure to mark the ‘Save my credentials’ option on the checkbox and then click ‘OK’.

3. In order to access additional company databases, you can select the company name and the click the ‘Credentials’ button to cycle through the process again.


On a separate note, the default viewer for Management Reporter is the HTML viewer which is not the best since you do not get a good preview of how print outs will look.

If you opt to view your financial reports using the Management Reporter Report Viewer, you can set the Report Viewer as your default by doing the following:

  1. While logged into Report Designer, go to Tools >> Options.

2. Within the Options window, mark the ‘Use Management Reporter Report Viewer as default viewer’ checkbox.

3. Click ‘OK’ to close the window. The next report that is run will now be rendered with the Management Reporter Report Viewer.