Dynamics GP | Correct Manufacturing Order Receipt Entry Error Message

By: Eduardo Haro – Business Analyst and Dynamics GP Consultant

The manufacturing module in Dynamics GP is a powerful solution for connecting your manufacturing processes, equipment and factories, and it comes with built-in financial, inventory, accountability, payroll and sales capabilities.

A relatively common issue users experience with the Dynamics GP manufacturing module is the below error message when creating a manufacturing order receipt entry in the system:

Our expert consultants at Bond Consulting Services (BCS) have determined two main reasons for this error message.

1. A user’s Dynamics GP session was not closed properly which caused the transaction to remain open or the record to be stranded.

2. A user’s MRP (Material Requirements Planning) Regeneration process was not completed or was interrupted.

Before making any changes in SQL, make sure to review the MRP Security Window (Transactions > Manufacturing > MRP > Security) and the MRP Planned Order Security Window (Transactions > Manufacturing > MRP > MRP Planned Order Security) in Dynamics GP to see if the manufacturing order has any locks on it. If you see the manufacturing order with the correct user and item number that you would like to be unlocked in either of these windows, simply click delete to release the transaction. Now, you should be able to create a manufacturing order receipt entry within the system without any problems.

If you do not see the manufacturing order you would like to be released in the windows, an administrator with access to the SQL server will have to run some scripts in SQL to resolve the issue. The administrator should execute the queries below in SQL Server Management Studio individually.

delete tempdb..DEX_SESSION where session_id not in

delete tempdb..DEX_LOCK where session_id not in

These queries are not deleting anything in the server or system, they are just temporarily removing any Dynamics GP user who is not actually active. These users will simply have to login to Dynamics GP the next time they want to access the system.

Although frustrating, the error message alerts Dynamics GP users that inactive sessions are still causing locks on data. Following the simple steps above should clear the lock and enable the creation of manufacturing order receipt entries so you can continue running your operations and providing excellent service to your customers.

For further reference, check out the link to the Microsoft article that explains this issue.

For more information on the powerful manufacturing capabilities of Dynamics GP, please reach out to our BCS Team by scheduling a free consultation or contacting sales@BondConsultingServices.com!