Win and Retain More Customers with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

With the new age of digital transformation, businesses must digitize and evolve their customer engagement strategy to deliver superior experiences. According to a recent survey conducted by Microsoft and Accenture (a multinational consulting and processing services company), 91% of consumers are more likely to engage with brands who remember their preferences and provide relevant recommendations and offers. To keep up with these rapid changes, many organizations are adapting to a new marketing strategy that focuses on the customer journey and includes marketing technology that understands and engages customers at scale and in real-time.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is Microsoft’s leading enterprise customer data platform that unifies various applications such as Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to provide an end-to-end view of the customer journey across all channels. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights includes built-in analytics and AI to provide audience and engagement insights and connect your sales and marketing processes. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) knows that Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has the power to transform business success, so we included some of the major benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights below and how they can be leveraged to enhance the customer journey.

 Top 10 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights:

1. Social Engagement Program: Microsoft’s Social Engagement Program, which is also called Social Listening, is integrated into the Dynamics 365 CRM solution to quickly acquire, nurture, score and transfer leads. The program utilizes Azure Deep Learning which identifies patterns in unstructured datasets, to analyze over 150 million social conversations a year to better engage prospects and customers.

2. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence, or AI, helps you build relationships at scale by providing context suggestions and relationship analytics so you can find the right stakeholders for your business. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights includes out-of-the-box AI, self-service AI and customizable AI to provide personalized recommendations, intelligent data mapping and resolution, continuous profile augmentation and increased customer lifetime value.

3. Machine Intelligence: Machine intelligence or machine learning determines the right message to send to customers at the right time to increase engagement. Machine learning interacts with AI to activate powerful insights and provide a rich profile on each customer.

4. Collaboration: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights streamlines business operations with built-in collaboration tools across function and geographic area. Some of these built-in tools include integrated workflows, document sharing, and Microsoft Teams integration so your entire team is knowledgeable about the customer journey and can complete tasks with ease, even if working from home.

5. Predictive Forecasting: Predictive forecasting in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps you save time, effort and costs by encouraging employees to focus on the highest priority activities. The predictive forecasting capabilities can help determine customer intent such as the propensity to buy, high lifetime value and high return risk, by leveraging quick start machine learning templates.

6. Event-Based Orchestration: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights supports event-based orchestration which enables you to automatically trigger a customer journey and react to customers’ actions in real-time. For instance, a customer journey can be triggered every time a customer connects to the in-store Wi-Fi or visits a site online. Event-based orchestration also enables your sales or marketing team to send messages to prospects using the best channel, whether it be email, an SMS message or a push notification. This powerful capability enables your team to quickly convert an interested prospect into a sale.

7. Hyper-Personalization: Leveraging machine learning and AI, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights analyzes customer history and inferred interests to provide value-added product recommendations to customers. You can also send follow-up personalized content after a customer visits your store or online site to build deeper relationships and show your understanding of their needs.

8. Meaningful Analytics: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights compiles and analyzes your transactional, behavioral and demographic data to establish a 360-degree view of your customer. These powerful analytics help you unify all your customer data and better understand customer behavior to determine the next best action to take.

9. Omnichannel Engagement: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights supports omnichannel engagement and distribution via mobile or web devices, eCommerce sites, 3rd party applications, or events. Users can send personalized messages to prospects and customers through email, SMS, the Web, voice messages, ads, and in-store avenues. This capability helps connect your data across all channels which removes detrimental data siloes and supports integration.

10. Power BI: The Customer Data Platform within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can be integrated with a robust set of Power BI dashboards and reports so you can make data-driven decisions with ease. These Power BI dashboards and reports can be customized to accelerate growth, customer acquisition and customer satisfaction. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights also leverages the Microsoft Power Platform so you can drive innovation by building custom apps or automating workflows.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Dynamics 365 is built on enterprise trust and uses modern architecture to bring you the best of what Microsoft Azure and CRM have to offer.

If you are interested in achieving more with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and building deep relationships with your customers, contact our BCS Team today by calling (562) 988-3451 or scheduling a free consultation! Or, for more information about the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights applications, check out our related blogs below!

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