Lifecycle Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is Microsoft’s mid-market ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that can be implemented in the cloud or on-premises. Dynamics GP is secure and scalable, and it encourages users to innovate and stay agile to compete in today’s market. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) specializes in extending the experience and functionality of Dynamics GP with auxiliary apps and services to boost business success for our clients.

Before October of 2019, Microsoft Dynamics GP was governed by the Fixed Lifecycle Policy which meant each GP version had a definite end date for support. Older versions of Dynamics GP, including GP 2013 to GP 2018 R2, continue to be governed by the Fixed Lifecycle Policy. See below for the extended support deadline for these Dynamics GP versions:

    • Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2013 R2 – ends April 11, 2023
    • Dynamics GP 2015 and GP 2015 R2 – ends April 8, 2025
    • Dynamics GP 2016 and GP 2016 R2 – ends July 14, 2026
    • Dynamics GP 2018 and GP 2018 R2 – ends January 11, 2028

However, Microsoft launched the new Modern Lifecycle Policy for Dynamics GP in October of 2019 which offers continuous support and servicing for Dynamics GP versions after GP 2018 R2. The continuous support includes exciting features, bug fixes and the latest tax updates.

Microsoft typically releases Dynamics GP updates three times a year in June, October and December. The June and December releases include tax updates, hotfixes and relevant regulatory updates. The October release includes hotfixes as well as new features to enhance business success. The Modern Lifecycle Policy helps GP customers stay current and leverage the newest technology and capabilities by encouraging users to implement at least one of the three Dynamics GP releases each year. These releases are all-inclusive, and they are much easier to deploy and manage compared to larger version releases with the Fixed Lifecycle Policy.

Microsoft remains dedicated to developing and supporting Dynamics GP as the Modern Lifecycle Policy now reflects a future GP strategy roadmap which extends into 2028 and beyond, with no end in sight!

BCS is thrilled about the Lifecycle Roadmap for Dynamics GP, and we look forward to implementing, integrating, customizing and supporting GP solutions for many years to come.

For more information on the Lifecycle Update for Dynamics GP, please read through the Microsoft documentation. To ensure that your GP solution is up to date so you can leverage the immense benefits of the Modern Lifecycle Policy, please contact our BCS Team at or schedule a free consultation!