Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Closing Partially Received Purchase Order with a Prepayment

By: Malika Gaona – Microsoft Dynamics Data Analyst/Business Central Consultant

Bond Consulting Services (BCS) was recently approached by a leading wholesale client to provide support on how to close a partially received Purchase Order that has a Prepayment in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Business Central offers a simple solution when closing a Purchase Order, even if it has been partially received and has a Prepayment.

Earlier, in our scenario, the Prepayment Invoice was created, and the order was partially Received. If, for any reason, the Prepayment Invoice needs to be cancelled, a Prepayment Credit Memo will have to be created. Follow the steps below:

1. In the Prepayment section of the Purchase Order, populate the Vendor Cr. Memo No. field.


2. In the General section of the Purchase Order, change the Vendor Invoice No. to the new updated number that was received from the vendor.


3. In the Menu, select Actions > Posting > Prepayment > Post Prepayment Credit Memo.


4. Select Yes when the system asks if you want to post a credit memo for the prepayment.


5. A Credit Memo will be created and can be found under the Related menu. Select Related > Documents > Prepayment Credit Memos.


6. To close the Purchase Order, choose the Reopen option.


7. Change the Quantity field to the Quantity Received.


8. Remove the prepayment from the Prepayment % field.


9. Click Yes when the system asks if you want to update the lines.


10. The Purchase Order can now be fully Invoiced for the partial order.


The order will then be fully closed and automatically deleted. All accounts can be verified in the General Journal Entries and Vendor Ledger Entries window.

This process is typically for special use cases when a customer receives some amount of product from a Purchase Order, but the vendor ran out of supplies to complete the full order. If this ever happens to you or a customer, make sure to follow the simple steps above to efficiently and successfully close a partially received Purchase Order that has a Prepayment.

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