What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

In this new age of digital transformation, it is increasingly important to empower your manufacturers and supply chain managers to leverage advanced technology and stay connected. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is an operational and warehouse management software that is powered by the Microsoft Cloud to provide predictive insights, manufacturing productivity and supply chain agility through IoT, AI and mixed reality. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management speeds up your information flow and provides powerful capabilities to enhance your production process. Check out some of the advanced features of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management below!

How Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Will Optimize Your Operations:

1. Scalable Configuration Models: Users can easily create scalable configuration models with embedded constraints so product attributes and customer requirements can be configured during the sales process. The scalable models automatically generate a listing of required materials and routes for the production and delivery process. Through the models, users can specify if they want to make a product to stock, make to order, configure to order or engineer to order.

2. Personalized Production Floor Management Workspace: The production floor management workspace provides an overview of all jobs in progress in the area. The workspace consists of tiles in which users can instantly view pending production orders, release pages, and material availability before moving orders to the production floor. The workspace also has default Gantt charts to increase the transparency of ongoing operations, easily adjust schedules to predict future outcomes, and discover problems before the customer receives your product.

3. Accounting & Forecasting: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management includes detailed breakdowns of material costs, variances and indirect costs so you can manage your finances and predict future budgets.

4. Production Control: The Production Control feature in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables manufacturers and floor managers to view and prioritize job lists on their lines or in the area via mobile devices or job card devices while on the shop floor.

5. Custom Reporting: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management users can easily create custom reports from embedded strategies and captured data to optimize operations and discover hidden trends.

6. Distributed Order Management: Every industry has its own unique management demands such as routing, traceability, valuation, and component dependencies that complicate the supply management process. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management facilitates the oversight of these demands and moves products beyond the factory floor by supporting operational criteria (quality checks, profit margins, picking cycles, revisions) and providing detailed manufacturing and fulfillment costs.

7. Streamlined Collaboration: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management encourages collaboration between multiple vendors and automatically updates vendor master data to maintain clear communication throughout the entirety of your supply chain.

8. Power BI Integration: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management integrates with Power BI to support aggregation, analytics, and important insights on every transaction from ordering, to warehousing, to transport, to delivery. Power BI integration enables manufacturers to be reactive to market diversity, leverage intelligent insights on production costs to promote optimum efficiency, and scale routing to meet production demand. The Power BI Warehousing Pack further enhances your inventory and warehouse operations by providing an out-of-the-box scanning solution with advanced business intelligence so managers can instantly see counting, on-hand precision and outbound shipping processes.

9. Customer Returns: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management simplifies customer returns by tracking every returned product and the reason for the return to minimize future returns through predictive insights.

10. Order Transportation: There is a separate module within Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to optimize the transport of products and orders so manufacturers can effectively manage containers, vehicles, loads and routes to meet deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

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