Protect Your Business Data with Privileged Identity Management in Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that provides hundreds of products and services to manage business applications and solve challenging problems. Microsoft Azure leverages cloud storage, Virtual Machines, Data Lakes, SQL Servers and an Active Directory to build, test and deploy applications leveraging your favorite tools and frameworks. The Active Directory is an essential aspect of Microsoft Azure as it manages users, licenses, permissions and devices from a single, unified dashboard.

Our consultants at Bond Consulting Services (BCS) are experts in implementing, integrating, customizing and supporting Microsoft Azure, and they continue to push the boundaries of Azure capabilities to boost success for our clients. For instance, our consultants have recently been working closely with Privileged Identity Management within the Azure Active Directory to improve the productivity and protect the business data of our clients.

Privileged Identity Management in Azure Active Directory:

Privileged Identity Management (PIM) in the Azure Active Directory is a functionality that enables Office 365 administrators to approve of temporary admin status for other employees.

Granting admin status in Microsoft Azure and other business applications can be very risky as it can compromise your passwords and leave your business open to cybersecurity attacks.

The new PIM functionality improves cybersecurity and protects your important business data by ensuring employees request permission before being granted admin status, and automatically shutting off admin status once they are finished. Users in the Azure Active Directory can request temporary admin status for a few minutes, hours or days, and they will receive an email via Outlook granting them the status until the requested time is up.

Improve productivity and protect your business data by leveraging the powerful PIM functionality within Azure Active Directory!

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