Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Dimension Correction Tool

By: Lupe Haro – Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultant

With the release of Business Central version 18, Microsoft has included a new tool to correct dimensions for general ledger entries. Before this release, if a dimension was assigned incorrectly in a transaction a user would need to reverse the entry and re-enter it. Users will now be able to avoid the need to reverse the entry and simply correct the dimension. The Dimension Correction Tool includes:

    • Ability to correct assigned dimensions on G/L Entries
    • Trace history of corrections to a G/L entry
    • Undo Corrections made
    • Immediate run or background job
    • Separate update of analysis Views and Cost Accounting

To make a correction, you will find the option within the General Ledger Entries window under Entry > Correct Dimensions.

In the Draft Dimension Correction page, you can specify the dimension code that you want to change and then select “Run” for the change to take effect.

A page will come up allowing you to either schedule the job to make the change or immediately run the change.

Once the change is made, you will receive a confirmation that the process was successful.

Users will be able to review the history of changes made by selecting Entry > History of Dimension Corrections. If needed, the changes can also be undone within this page.

At this point, this tool will only affect the general ledger and it will not adjust the subledgers. There will be a discrepancy between ledgers when a change is made, but if you are looking for the financial reports to be correct, then this will allow users to save time in their day to day activities within Business Central.

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