What’s New in Dynamics 365 Customer Service!

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is Microsoft’s premier end-to-end service and support management software. Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables users to consistently deliver tailored and personalized services to customers leveraging AI insights and customer-facing solutions. Microsoft recently launched new features and capabilities for Dynamics 365 Customer Service in the 2021 Release Wave 1 which centers around Agent Productivity, Omnichannel Engagement and powerful AI Insights.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2021 Release Wave 1 Features:

1. Unified Routing: Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an omnichannel and intelligent routing assignment service that will assign incoming work items to the best-suited worker or queue which increases efficiencies and eliminates queue supervision and manual work distribution. Dynamics 365 Customer Service considers customer-specific criteria to automatically assign incoming service requests from all channels to the best-suited agents. For instance, Contoso Coffee, a leading manufacturer and service provider of commercial-grade coffee equipment, utilizes skills-based routing to automatically assign queues to the most available agent and diagnostics to confirm rules work as expected. Unified routing in Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables users to route cases, activities, live channels or any entity using rules based on case attributes, ML predicted fields or related entities to a queue for agents to pick which improves prioritization and offers auto-assignment based on skills. Plus, unified routing capabilities come with important diagnostics throughout which provides visibility into decision points for troubleshooting.

2. Microsoft Teams Collaboration: Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers agents to rapidly resolve customer issues using the powerful Microsoft Teams collaborative platform. Customer Service and Teams integration enable users to access queue members, supervisors and subject matter experts who have resolved similar cases to fix issues and close deals faster. Dynamics 365 Customer Service also links Teams chats to records to preserve context and interactions with customers.

3. Federated Knowledge Search: Dynamics 365 Customer Service connects disparate database sources outside of the customer service organization to the agent’s desktop, so agents always have access to relevant information to independently resolve issues quickly. The newly integrated federated knowledge search features quickly provide agents with powerful knowledge when needed, regardless of the format or source of data. Users are also able to configure knowledge article search filters to easily access important and relevant data, saving time and expensive employee costs.

4. Native Voice Channel: Dynamics 365 Customer Service now comes with a full-featured, all-in-one contact center that blends SMS, digital messaging channels and intelligent interactive voice response to transform customer interactions. Powered by Power Virtual Agents, Dynamics 365 Customer Service native voice capabilities provide real-time voice intelligence and insights across all channels, as well as speech-based self-service and intelligent skills-based routing. Native voice channel capabilities provide many benefits by replacing fragile integrations, multi-vendor complexity, inconsistent service and disjointed analytics with an all-in-one Customer Service solution powered by the Microsoft Cloud with true omnichannel insights that connect customer journeys across all channels.

5. Embedded Analytics and Topic Clustering for Omnichannel: The 2021 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Customer Service includes new Customer Service, Knowledge Management and Omnichannel dashboards that provide detailed KPIs insights. The AI-generated data automatically organizes similar support cases and conversations into topic groups, making it easier for agents to locate important customer and service information. Dynamics 365 Customer Service now includes multilanguage support for agents with focused AI case suggestions and knowledge article suggestions.

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