2021 Updates to LS Central, the Unified Commerce Software Solution!

LS Retail is a trusted partner of Bond Consulting Services (BCS) and a world-leading provider of software solutions for retailers and restaurateurs to manage complicated operational requirements. LS Retail takes pride in its vast global network of partner organizations across 140 countries that deploy the innovative software solutions and share in their commitment to lasting customer relationships.

On March 26 of 2021, LS Retail launched the newest version (17.4) of LS Central. LS Central is a fully integrated commerce ERP solution that provides you with an end-to-end view of your business operations from Point of Sale to closing deals and everything in between. LS Central version 17.4 comes with many new features and functionalities to boost your retail sales and optimize operations.

New Features of LS Central version 17.4:

1. Statement calculation and posting enhancement: To resolve potential deadlock issues, LS Retail refactored the process for replication counter updates so you can automatically create and calculate statements for stores at any time! LS Central version 17.4 also enables users to perform statements batch posting in parallel, saving time and expensive employee costs.

2. Automation of end-of-day calculations: LS Central version 17.4 enables users to automatically create and calculate statements for stores in an incremental fashion. Meaning, each calculation only includes new transactions so the calculation process can be spread throughout the entire work day, making your life much easier at the end of the business day.

3. Deployment of parallel posting: Parallel posting reduces the statement posting time dramatically by enabling batch posting with multiple sessions. Simply define in the setup how many statements you would like to post in parallel, and LS Central will automatically reference background sessions to post the parallel batches of statements. LS Retail measured the improvements in their development lab and found that six parallel posting sessions reduced the time it took to post 100 statements from 100 minutes to 58 minutes which is an astounding 42% improvement!

4. LS Central AppShell Dual Display: Users that access LS Central through LS Central AppShell (Windows version) can now access a dual display in the Terminal card to easily analyze important customer information. For instance, you can show the POS journal with the total amount to pay, or you can display advertising videos when the POS is not online.

5. POS Keyboard Shortcuts: LS Central version 17.4 enables users to trigger POS commands and button clicks via keyboard shortcuts which is very useful to speed up sales and close deals faster for the POS user.

To learn more about the new and exciting updates to LS Central, please visit the LS Retail website or schedule a free demo! To learn more about the powerful integrated capabilities of LS Retail and Dynamics 365 Business Central, please contact our BCS Team at sales@BondConsultingServices.com or call (562) 988-3451 to talk to our expert consultants!