What’s New in Dynamics 365 Marketing for 2021!

Dynamics 365 Marketing is the leading global Marketing Automation Software powered by the Microsoft Cloud which supports multi-channel campaigns, lead management, marketing analytics, event management, sales and marketing alignment, and many more features to find and nurture sales-ready leads.

As so much has changed over the last year, businesses need to update their marketing strategies from tradeshows, digital campaigns, and megaphone messaging to personalized customer experiences, engaging events, and insight-based decisions. Microsoft recently launched new features and capabilities for Dynamics 365 Marketing in 2021 to inspire these changes and promote end-to-end customer journeys to boost business performance today and long into the future.

Dynamics 365 Marketing 2021 Release Wave 1 Updates:

  1. Expanded Microsoft Teams Integration: Dynamics 365 Marketing consists of powerful Teams collaboration capabilities that enable customers and prospects to seamlessly connect to relevant events and webinars. The new Teams updates will also enable marketers to use a simple click functionality to export relevant content from Teams to Dynamics 365 Marketing to create a personalized journey.
  2. Powerful AI Capabilities for Improved Decision-Making: New AI capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing enables real-time monitoring of customer journeys and channel KPIs. AI also supports channel optimization and encourages marketers to create deeply personalized emails to target and nurture potential leads.
  3. Access to More Channels: The Wave 1 Release for 2021 enables marketers to create and send SMS messages to customers through any mobile phone. It also supports a new and improved email editor for team members to quickly create and edit emails without compromises. Leverage the new centralized asset library to manage personalized content and deliver the best image, video, document, or fragment to your customer messages.
  4. Streamlined Customer Journey Orchestration: Dynamics 365 Marketing emphasizes customer journey orchestration to encourage sales and marketing teams to engage with customers in real-time. The new 2021 release updates include an event catalog with built-in, custom events to trigger customer journeys. These customer journeys can be leveraged to target leads, contacts, and opportunities in the system. Customer journey orchestration can span across Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales, Commerce, and Service to support end-to-end business decisions. The new updates also enable marketers to hyper-personalize a customer’s journey with data and insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing enables B2C and B2B marketers and business users to engage customers in real-time, win customers and earn loyalty faster, personalize customer experiences with AI and build customer trust with a unified platform. Unlike other solutions, Dynamics 365 Marketing can help drive end-to-end experiences with AI-assisted actions and is easy to use for business users. This helps organizations to elevate customer experiences.

As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, Bond Consulting Services highly recommends the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform for companies looking to optimize marketing and sales strategies. Discover more about how Dynamics 365 Marketing can add effectiveness to achieving your marketing goals by calling (562) 988-3451 or scheduling a free consultation.