6 Major Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

As customers needs grow, sales teams experience more and more challenges when it comes to closing deals. From identifying the right prospect, to connecting that prospect with the right agent, to making the sale, your sales team needs to be in the know every step of the way.

Dynamics 365 Sales is Microsoft’s premier cloud-based CRM that is used by companies of all sizes to automate key business processes. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) is a Microsoft Gold ERP and Silver CRM Competent Partner that specializes in implementing, customizing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics solutions. BCS strongly encourages the implementation and optimization of Dynamics 365 Sales as it will empower your sales team to better understand customer needs and close deals effectively.

Major Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales:

  1. Leads Management

With Dynamics 365 Sales, your organization can store and manage leads effectively by easily identifying high-priority prospects.

  1. Business Agility

Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud-based solution which means it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Additionally, Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to identify market trends quickly, giving you an edge over your competitors.

  1. Targeting the Right Prospects

Dynamics 365 Sales will help identify the right leads, or potential customers to your business. It will provide you with real-time insights on existing customers and ­potential customers, and it will increase sales efficiency by targeting time and effort on leads that matter.

  1. Effective Communication

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, communicating with leads and customers is made easy through useful insights and important analytics.

  1. Boosting Sales Productivity

Since Dynamics 365 Sales is in the cloud, the solution offers workforce mobility and scalability. It enables your sales team to access their tools from their preferred environment through any device, which will ensure a greater lift in the overall productivity of your sales team.

Dynamics 365 Sales will encourage sales managers to accelerate their team’s performance using real-time analytics based on historical data and predictive information.

  1. Improved Customer Service

With integrated data analytics and user dashboards in Dynamics 365 Sales, you can align your marketing strategies with your customers’ unique needs. Dynamics 365 Sales will help you build relationships and increase revenue.


Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales the Best Sales Tool? 

Dynamics 365 is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management providers. Being a Microsoft product, unlike any other sales tools available in the market, you get a full range of back-office business applications. This enormous benefit means that you do not have to implement and integrate separate ERP and CRM. Dynamics 365 Sales offers great benefits, whether you are using a desktop, phone, or tablet.

There are many benefits that Dynamics 365 Sales will offer your business. It will organize your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from beginning to end, build strong relationships with your customers, take better actions based on real-time insights and close deals faster.


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