Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Stockkeeping Unit

By: ANDI (Seetharaman A. Rajaram) – Senior Consultant

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, Stockkeeping Units (SKU), are a supplement to item cards. The Stockkeeping units are used to setup a location-wise dedicated setup/configuration for an Item such as replenishment, planning, and others.

Why do we need SKU?

Well when we have an Item (say Computer display), where a company wants to keep a different stock and maintain a separate planning parameter say location wise differently, then SKU in Business Central will help you accomplish this task.

Please follow the guide below, if you need to setup Item parameters differently per location or per variant, because of various planning parameters (if any) that you want to maintain as per the company’s needs.

Steps to create SKU:

1. Search for Stockkeeping Unit and select the appropriate link.


2. Select “Create Stockkeeping Units”.

  • Enter the “No” (Item No) for which Item you are planning to create SKU.
  • Enter the “Location filter”, for which Item you would like to maintain a different parameter.

Select “OK” to create the SKU.

3. View the created “Stockkeeping Unit”.

4. Search for Stockkeeping Unit and select the “Stockkeeping units” link (referred above), you will be seeing the list of Stockkeeping unit you have created.

For the same item (Item No:1896-S), SKU created for Location EAST, MAIN and WEST.

5. Select the “Item No.” and set the parameters (Replenishment system, planning) you would like to set for each Item.


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