Step into Azure from Windows Server 2019 to the Cloud

The Bond Consulting Services (BCS) team has decades of combined experience working with and implementing Microsoft Azure. Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 has reached end of support as of January 2020, but new ways of working with Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Azure are just beginning. When you upgrade, you will get the best of on-premises technology with an easy path to the cloud features that matter to your business.

Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that bridges on-premises environments with Azure, adding even more layers of security while helping you modernize your apps and infrastructure. It’s ideal for hybrid environments, which means you do not have to run anything in the cloud that you do not want to. But for those workloads that are suited for the cloud, it’s an ideal solution; it’s fast, flexible, and—because you don’t need to purchase additional hardware and pay only for what you use—surprisingly cost effective.

Benefits of Windows Server 2019 + Azure

1. Safeguard your data. With Windows Server 2019, you will get immediate access to Azure Backup, a simple and reliable way to keep your data safe and protected.

  • Completely automate backup in just a few steps.
  • Safeguard critical data with extra layers of security and meet compliance goals.
  • Protect data and apps across platforms, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • View reports, notifications, and backup history in one location.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for more hardware and site resources and play only for what you use.

2. Recover from disaster. With Windows Server 2019, it is simple to put a robust disaster recovery plan in place. Azure Site Recovery is a flexible solution that increases your business continuity at very cost-effective rates, so you can protect all your applications and data from severe weather shutdowns, server facility damage, power outages, and more.

  • Fully automate your disaster recovery solution, complete with one-click recovery.
  • Reduce the complexity of disaster recovery, with consistent recovery of apps and workloads, on-premises or in public and private clouds.
  • Increase compliance with Azure’s industry-leading certification portfolio—and easily increase coverage when needed.
  • Eliminate additionally hardware and software expenditures.

3. Take control of user identities. When you upgrade to Windows Server 2019, security starts the instant you do, helping to protect all your user identities. Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management solution that doesn’t just protect internal and external users—but also helps your business grow and thrive through a better user experience that leads to far higher productivity.

  • Connect your users to any app with seamless single sign-on and secure access from any location—all with a self-service portal.
  • Safeguard user credentials with strong, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and intelligent conditional access policies.
  • Fully integrate with your identity system so you can connect and collaborate more effectively with customers and partners.
  • Collaborate more effectively with customers and partners.

Now that you are ready to start using Windows Server 2019, you will have full access to a wealth of Microsoft Azure features that can help you modernize your business and ensure you stay agile. It’s the best of on-premises technology with an easy path to the cloud features that matter to your business. BCS knows that Windows Server 2019 + Azure will be a valuable tool for our clients and our BCS team will help you make the switch quickly and easily.

For more information about the power of Windows Server 2019 + Azure, please visit our BCS website or schedule a free consultation.