Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM | Configuration to Synchronize Emails to Dynamics CRM

By: Eduardo Haro – Business Analyst

Dynamics CRM allows users the capability to integrate their Outlook with CRM to allow for emails to be received and sent out through the use of a single platform. The instructions below demonstrate how to setup individual mailboxes to be synchronized with Dynamics CRM through sever-side synchronization. Please note that only users with the System Administrator security role will be able to execute the following steps below.

    1. Click the settings icon and select Advanced Settings.
    2. Click the Settings drop-down arrow and select Email Configuration.
    3. Select the Mailboxes icon.
    4. Select the mailbox from the appropriate view which you would like to be synchronized with the system.
    5. Scroll down to the Synchronization Method header within the user’s window and set the field(s) to Server-Side Synchronization or Email Router if you would like it to synchronize with the CRM.
      1. Per the example below, Incoming Emails, Outgoing Emails, Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks would be synchronized with the system.
    6. Once the configuration has been set, click the Save icon to save the changes. Then, select the Test & Enable Mailbox icon to Enable the mailbox with the CRM system.
    7. After the mailbox Test has been executed, the results will appear like below to indicate a successful synchronization. If any have failed the user’s mailbox will need to be troubleshooted per the error message(s) and the mailbox will have to be tested & enabled again.


Please note that synchronizing a user’s email to CRM does not make CRM the only system where the user will be able to locate an email as the user will still be able to receive and send emails normally through their normal platform (Ex: Outlook, Outlook Online, etc.).