Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Reverse a Posted Purchase Order Receipt

Man fixing a Positive Pay Export Error within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

By: Lupe Haro – Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultant

When a purchase receipt is made in error or the wrong quantity is received, you can use the steps below in order to reverse the incorrect receipt.

  1. Open the Purchase Order for which you posted the incorrect receipt.
  2. Under Navigate > Receipts you can see the receipts that have been made against a Purchase Order.
  3. Select the Receipt that you need to reverse.
  4. In the Lines section, select the receipt lines that you would like to reverse and then click on Functions > Undo Receipt
  5. Confirm the Receipt reversal.   
  6. The reverse lines will be added to the Lines section of the receipt.
  7. Click on the back arrow to return to the Purchase Order.
  8. The quantities will be updated in the PO to allow to record a new receipt when needed.