Top 5 Features of Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams (Teams) is a fully integrated and powerful collaboration tool that is now included as part of Office 365 subscription. Teams is used for video conferencing, workplace chat, file storage, application integration, and telephony. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) recently transitioned from the Skype for Business VoIP phone system to the new phone system within Teams. Teams has enabled BCS team members to continue providing excellent support for our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top 5 Features of Teams

  1. Teams has its own Mobile App. Teams has its own mobile app as well as a separate desktop app, for quick and easy accessibility.
  2. Teams includes a built-in Bot Directory. Bots are AI applications that can complete tasks through chat-based communication. Teams users can communicate with bots and add them to a team to quickly and efficiently complete tasks.
  3. Teams incorporates Channels. Channels are extremely important to increase business efficiency as they improve transparency and communication and decrease silos within a team.
  4. Teams allows for Guest Access. An Office 365 subscription is not required to gain access to Microsoft Teams. If you have a consumer or business email account, you can join chats, view files and participate in meetings.
  5. Teams uses Analytics and BI to improve user experience. Teams uses Analytics and BI to create usage reports that explain how employees are interacting with the platform. These Teams reports include information on adoption rates, most used features and user feedback.

You can use Teams for free today! Simply start a free trial, create an account, and viola! Excellent quality video conferences are now at your fingertips.

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