BCS Team is Now Using Microsoft Phone within Teams!

Microsoft Teams (Teams) is Microsoft’s premier cloud-based collaboration hub for business productivity. Teams is an important communication and collaboration platform that combines video meetings, workplace chat, file storage using SharePoint for document sharing and version control, application integration, and now telephony. With Teams, you can invite anyone and everyone to call and collaborate at any time, from anywhere. The new phone system within Teams is integrated with Outlook and Dynamics 365 to enable one-click dialing from your contacts throughout your Microsoft ecosystem.

Bond Consulting Services (BCS) has been using Teams as a powerful collaboration tool for video conferencing, chat and file sharing for the past year. However, now that we replaced our Skype for Business VoIP phone system, we’re gaining more productivity from the fully-integrated Teams platform.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Teams has been a very reliable source of communication for BCS team members to continue providing quick and successful support to our customers. You can use Teams for free today! Simply start a free trial, create an account, and viola! Excellent quality video conferences are now at your fingertips.

Please click these links to find out more about the power of Teams and Microsoft Phone System, or visit our BCS website to schedule a free consultation.