Follow the Yellow Brick Road from Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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DISCLAIMER: For the record, Bond Consulting Services remains dedicated to serving each and every one of our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients who choose to stay on GP. We’re more than happy to implement Dynamics GP for new clients as well. We should also note that Microsoft is committed to releasing annual enhancements to GP at least through 2024. In a word (or a few words), GP is alive, well, and up to date.

What You Should Know: The Lay of the Land

Notwithstanding the disclaimer above, we cannot ignore the facts.

Since its launch in April 2018, Business Central has seen increasing adoption by organizations looking to transform their businesses digitally. We must admit that Microsoft Dynamics GP is no longer Microsoft’s flagship ERP solution. That honor now belongs to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central. So, while GP is updated annually, Microsoft is no longer actively promoting GP. Those advertising and promotional dollars are now earmarked almost exclusively for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

 As part of Microsoft’s campaign to entice other Dynamics users – not just GP, but NAV and SL, too – improvements have been made in migration tools. This is yet another indication that reflects the prioritization of bringing on-premises Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics NAV customers to Business Central online.

  • Customer migration tools (aka the yellow brick road): To simplify the journey for existing Dynamics customers to Business Central online, Microsoft has added support for migration from a broader set of Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV versions, making improvements for specifying which customers and vendors to migrate from Dynamics GP, and enhancing the migration of Dynamics GP Chart of Account setups.

Together, these enhancements are designed to drive further customer adoption by empowering the migration of Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics SL customers, activating the partners who are bringing their vertical solutions to Business Central online and further accelerating the growth of net new customers to Dynamics 365.

The following migration tools are enhanced and available. Click for details:

Enhanced Dynamics GP Chart of Accounts migration

Migrate all or only active customer master records from Dynamics GP

Migrate all or only active vendor master records from Dynamics GP

Enhanced Dynamics GP inventory data migration

In addition, there is a push to migrate users currently running Business Central on-premises to Business Central online, with this tool:
Migrate data from Business Central 14.x on-premises to Business Central 15.x online

Are you ready to follow the yellow brick road to Business Central?

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