ERP Upgrade? New ERP? This could be the ideal time…

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The impact of COVID-19 on American business and the U.S. economy has yet to be determined. What we do know is that many companies have shut down completely, laying off millions of employees. Some will reopen, some will not.

Many other businesses, like ours, have shifted into full remote mode. We recognize that some companies are better prepared to do that than others. But with the right ERP solution that allows access anytime from anywhere on any device, companies can remain viable during these troubling times.

Here’s how Bond Consulting Services (BCS) can help.

ERP Upgrade

If, for example, you are running an older version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, this could be an excellent time to upgrade to the newest release and set up remote access to your ERP so that all of your employees who need access will have access – anytime, from anywhere, on any device (and that includes from their smartphones). The upgrade can be executed remotely, and your company will able to continue its operations remotely and seamlessly.

You may even realize that the long-term value of a remote workforce.


The other option that you may want to consider at this time is the implementation of a new ERP system. Why? Because the newer ERP solutions tend to be cloud-based, and because of that, they’re more remote-friendly. In other words, it’s easier for employees working from home to access ERP cloud systems. It’s that simple.

What’s why this is an excellent time to consider implementing either Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is an enterprise system or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a mid-market solution.

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If you’d prefer to do more research on your own, look at the Dynamics 365 implementation packages that Bond offers. 4 Business Central packages range in price from $500 to $18,000 – depending on a variety of factors that are outlined in the description of each package.

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