Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Positive Pay Export Error

Man fixing a Positive Pay Export Error within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Article by: Carlos Lozano – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant

Positive Pay Exports are used by banks to match checks issued by companies. The bank confirms that the check(s) are listed on the Positive Pay file before confirming the transaction.

Positive Pay definitions are done using Data Exchange Definitions and are linked to a bank using a Bank Import/Export Setup file. Most banks will give you specifications on how to create the file layout to make sure that the records are imported correctly into their banking software.

Generally, voided and financially voided checks are exported into the Positive Pay file, but occasionally a few entries with Check Amount = 0 make it to the list. The following error might be seen while running the Positive Pay Export from the Bank Card:

“Amount must have a value in Positive Pay Detail: Data Exch Entry No.=XX, Entry No.=YY. It cannot be zero or empty.”

The issue seems to occur when a single check is issued for multiple payments and the lines to print on the stubs are not enough. The subsequent printed pages will show as VOID with an amount of 0. The Positive Pay Export fails because a check cannot have a zero amount.

To fix the error

  1. Open Data Exchange Definitions
  2. Locate the Data Exchange Definition record
  3. Under the “Line Definitions” grid
    • Select the Detail Line Type
    • Click on Manage > Field Mapping
    • Check the Optional box for the Column No. that contains the check amount.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Positive Pay Screen Shot

  1. Return to the Bank Card and retry the export.

After completing these steps, the error will be fixed.