Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Creating a New User

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Article by: Eduardo Haro – Business Analyst

To add a new user in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, your company’s Office 365 administrator must first create the new user in the admin center. The instructions below will highlight how to complete this task.

Navigate to your company’s Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

  • Note: Only Global Administrators will be able to create new users here.

Click the Users icon and select Active Users.

Then, click the Add a User icon.

This will prompt the new user creation window. Please fill in the information and appropriate licenses accordingly. Once all the information and appropriate licenses have been assigned, click Add to add the user.

Next, navigate and login to your Dynamics 365 Business Central Environment.

Click the lightbulb icon to open up the search.

Type Users within the search and click the Users link outlined below.

Within the Users window, click the Process tab. Then, select the Get Users from Office 365 icon. That should bring across any new users. This will bring across any user with a Dynamics 365 Business Central license who is not already in the system.

  • Note: There is a grayed out “+ New” icon. That icon does not have the capability to create new users within Business Central because the user must first be assigned a license. Users must first be created within the admin center, assigned the Dynamics 365 Business Central license if they don’t already have it, and then added to Business Central by executing the Get Users from Office 365 function.