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When I say that retailers are struggling, that’s not entirely true. Because while traditional brick and mortar stores (and the malls they reside in) are closing locations and filing for bankruptcy, non-store retailers (like the “Beast from Seattle”) are seeing double-digit growth.1

But when I say that Microsoft can help, that is entirely true.

How Microsoft Can Help Struggling Retailers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that technology is at least part of the solution.

Most traditional retailers, having been built from the ground up to run brick and mortar stores, are still struggling to develop the infrastructure, systems, and technology to compete online, and on an omnichannel basis. All too often, their physical stores and their online counterparts still operate in separate “silos.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail breaks down those barriers and allows retailers to “follow their customers home.” The in-store and online relationship can be seamless, the relationship being the keyword here. By unifying the digital, in-store, and back-office operations, Dynamics 365 for Retail personalizes customer engagement and increases employee productivity. This empowers retailers to create an exceptional, insightful shopping experience, experience being the keyword here.

The End-to-End Solution

Dynamics 365 for Retail helps retailers create amazing customer experiences, support their employees, optimize operations, and transform their products by…

  • Driving unified commerce to Increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty through a consistent shopping experience.
  • Creating a modern store experience to manage stores efficiently, increase sales, and instantly adapt to the changing needs of your customers.
  • Managing merchandising efficiently to improve ROI and product demand with centralized product information, categories, assortment, and pricing.
    Optimizing operations through insights that reduce fulfillment costs, improve inventory utilization, using customer and operational insights.
  • Innovating with a modern and adaptable platform with an application that is easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services that you already use.

There are no silos separating store customers from online customers. The relationships are stronger, and the customer experience is exceptional.

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1Forbes, December 26, 2019

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