How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Delivers CRM – Part 3: Customer Service

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In the business community, CRM is well known. It stands for Customer Relationship Management. But in some circles, it has become known as CE, which stands for Customer Engagement. Regardless of what you call it, the concept includes three main components: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

In this last part of a 3-part blog series, brought to you by Bond Consulting Services (BCS), we’re going to look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers CRM for customer service.

What Is Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

As part of Microsoft’s premier cloud-based CRM solution, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service state-of-the-art customer service management software powered by Microsoft. It’s software that provides companies of all sizes the ability to empower their customer service team and delight their customers with Microsoft’s end-to-end service and support management functionality.

What Does Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Deliver

Customer satisfaction is the new coin of the realm. In order to deliver the level of service that today’s customers expect and demand, you need software that helps your service team respond in a timely, efficient, and knowledgeable manner.  That’s why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service includes:

  • Support ticket tracking – To track and manage customer support tickets generated via email, phone, or web.
  • Support process flow – To move tickets across configurable process flows, track their progress, and gain valuable insight.
  • Knowledgebase – Use an internal knowledge base wiki to provided templated and automated email responses to customer inquiries.
  • Customization – This enterprise-grade software can be customized to meet your specific customer service team needs.
  • Self-service portal – Utilize Microsoft’s customer service portal that allows customers to submit and manage their own support tickets.
  • Dashboards and reports – Create interactive dashboards that provide day to day insight on support trends, activities, and social media interaction.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Drives Results

Once you’ve implemented Dynamics 365 for Customer Services, you can expect to see increased brand loyalty and advocacy by providing personalized and contextual interactions across the customer journey, through any channel, and from any device. You’ll have the ability to empower your agents by providing them with everything they need to deliver a more personalized, effective standard of service – using tools that are at their fingertips, from a single application. And you’ll have the agility to make adjustments in real-time through actionable insights that anticipate the rapidly changing needs of customers and your brand.

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