Why We Hitched Our Wagon to the Microsoft Dynamics Star

Hitch your wagon to a star words

In case you’re not familiar with the idiom, “hitch your wagon to a star” generally means to make use of powers higher than your own. This phrase was used by the American philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1870 in the context of idealistic aspiration.

When Bond Consulting Services (BCS) opened its doors nearly 2 decades ago, we had done our homework. Which means that we had taken a good look at the technology landscape. And Microsoft Dynamics came shining through like the brightest star in the vast Milky Way of ERP and CRM software products available at the time. We were impressed because Microsoft Dynamics offered…

Depth and Breadth

We did not want to be pigeon-holed into a single industry vertical. We wanted the flexibility; one might even say the luxury, to serve multiple industry segments. Microsoft Dynamics offered us that option because the Dynamics family of solutions is truly horizontal. This is eminently apparent given the fact that BCS currently serves clients in the following sectors: Consumer Product Goods Distribution; Food and Beverage Manufacturing; Hospitality; Professional and Financial Services; and Recycling.

Depth and breadth are wonderful things.

Name Recognition

Simply stated, only Microsoft, from among the many providers of ERP and CRM software, is literally a household name. Not just in the United States but worldwide. When we reach out to potential clients, Microsoft needs no introduction. We can immediately cut to the chase and discuss a client’s pain points, process improvement, growth aspirations. We can quickly tell them, show them how Microsoft Dynamics solve the issues that keep them up at night and potentially limit their growth.

Name recognition is a beautiful thing.

Deep Pockets

Some people are uncomfortable talking about money. And while Microsoft is certainly very well-heeled, you don’t hear them talking a lot about money. But from the perspective of a Microsoft Partner, like us here at Bond, hooking up with a company with deep pockets made great sense. Microsoft has the wherewithal to spend billions of dollars every year on continual product enhancements. We sleep well at night, knowing that the Dynamics family of ERP and CRM solutions is continuously being improved.  Microsoft also spends billions annually on advertising. We don’t have to spread the word about Dynamics ERP and CRM. Microsoft does that for us.

Deep pockets are a beautiful thing.

Cutting Edge

We alluded to this above but let’s delve a bit further into why it’s so important. We all know that the pace at which technology changes has been increasing over time. Perhaps in the past, you could buy a computer and use it for many years. That’s no longer true. Today, technological innovations emerge almost daily. Some might say at the speed of light. Microsoft used to update their ERP and CRM solutions every two years. Then they reduced that cadence to every 18 months. Then to annually. Now twice a year! As a user of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, you need that level of continuous improvement to ensure that your systems can communicate with all the newest applications that are entering the market. Old technology will fail to do that.

The cutting edge is a wonderful thing, too.

In Conclusion

Hitching our wagon to the Microsoft star has worked exceedingly well for us at Bond Consulting and for our clients. We were honored to be a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 Partner of the Year finalist. We want you to succeed and grow with us.

Visit us at www.BondConsultingServices.com or pick up the phone and call 562-988-3451.

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