But really…what IS Microsoft Dynamics 365

I bet you’ve heard this statement before: “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365, there was never a truer statement. Because if you are confused about Microsoft’s new business solution product lineup, you are definitely not alone. The names and branding for their Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions have changed so often since Dynamics 365 was released in 2016, it is hard to keep up. In fact, and in case you haven’t noticed, they don’t even use the terms ERP and CRM anymore.

That’s why Bond Consulting Services (BCS) is so pleased to bring you this new, free white paper:
“But really…what is Dynamics 365?”

White Paper: But really…what is Dynamics 365

This white paper is short enough to be an easy read and long enough to answer all of your questions. It begins with a bird’s-eye view and Dynamics 365 and then moves on to answer questions such as: “…but wait, how about Dynamics 365 Business Central?” And then there’s an entire section dedicated to “Common questions about the other Dynamics solutions” followed by a chapter on “Which one do I need?” And we don’t mince words. We tell it like it is:

“Small to mid-market companies with moderate operational complexity will be well served by Business Central and overwhelmed by Finance & Operations. Business Central can be deployed rapidly with moderate costs and licensing is inexpensive relative to other solutions with similar capabilities. Larger midmarket to enterprise companies with significant operational complexity will benefit from Finance and Operations. It can be extended and customized to meet the requirements of most large organizations, but the implementation efforts are extensive.”

Nor do we shy away from providing pricing information in the white paper. In fact, we’ve published the monthly per-user pricing, effective January 2019, for both Dynamics 365 and Business Central.

The only question we have for you is: Are you ready to read all about it?

If your answer is yes, then just click here, enter your name and email, and the white paper is yours. Read it, share it with your team, and then contact us for more information. Or just “dial” (562) 988-3451.

Because if you still have questions, we’ve got answers.

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