Looking for an ERP Solution that Can Handle Your Field Service Requirements? Read on…

You don’t have to be in a green grass field, or an oil field, in order to be a field services technician. Nor do you even have to wear a hard hat. Indeed, although the phrase may conjure up those images, a field services technician could just as easily work for a managed IT services company that sends its employees out to client office locations where they work on the client’s computers or data center. Plumbers and electricians are field services people, too.

So what do all of these different kinds of field services companies have in common? They all have technicians who work routinely takes them out of the home office. And these road warriors need to be scheduled. They need to take spare parts with them when they travel and those spare parts have to be decremented from inventory. They need to plan an efficient route that will cover their calls for the day.

And they need a way to access their clients’ account information from “the field.”

All of which requires an ERP software solution that can handle the unique requirements of field service.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then let me introduce you to Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, field service management (FSM) software powered by the Microsoft Cloud. It’s got everything you need to get any job done, and done right on the first visit: intelligent scheduling, native mobile support, remote asset monitoring, and more. Improving your “first fix rate” is just one way that FSM saves time and money.

Intelligent, optimized scheduling is another way to save time and money, so that your field service agents can go out on more calls per day, save money on gas, and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicles. Their route can be displayed on any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or phone. And they can make changes on the fly as necessary, too.

Has inventory management been an issue for your field services business? Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service has that covered as well. It allows you to manage inventory updates and stock history across locations, including warehouses, depots, and trucks.

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