You Should Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP Because

…with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can manage your business, from financials to inventory and operations, on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

A very short history

Back in the day, when Microsoft Dynamics GP was known in accounting circles as Great Plains Software, there weren’t many choices. Great Plains was the first of its kind in 1993. Today, the ERP market is crowded with competitors and selecting the best option for your company can be a dizzying experience.

You’re under a lot of pressure to make the right choice, one that will make everyone happy, across every department, from finance to operations, sales and service, HR and IT. You want them all to give you an enthusiastic thumbs up. Fortunately…

Dynamics GP is a crowd pleaser

Please your finance team, because with Dynamics GP they can easily manage cash, assets, budgets, and banking with built-in analytics and account-level security.

Please your accounting team, because with Dynamics GP accounting departments of any size can easily track enterprise-wide data using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Please your operations team, because with Dynamics GP they can easily track and manage production, inventory, orders, returns, and vendors.

Please your payroll and HR team, because with Dynamics GP they can easily hire, train, and manage payroll with the help of complete employee profiles and evaluation tools.

Please your sales and service teams, because with Dynamics GP they can easily manage sales, service contracts, and field resources.

Please your analysts, because with the business intelligence and reporting tools in Dynamics GP they will get real-time visibility and analytics to easily track performance and act with insight.

Please your CEO, because with Dynamics GP everyone in every department is happy and working productively.

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