Microsoft Dynamics: The Path from Where You Are Today to Where You Want to Be Tomorrow

Planning ahead is in our DNA. It’s how we attempt to bring order to the uncertainties of the future. Growth goals. And this is particularly true in a corporate setting where we have 3-year plans or 5-year plans that establish growth goals along with a variety of parameters – revenue, profit, employee count, number of customers, stores, offices, markets …

We try to answer questions like: How many employees will we need to hire to support our business as we grow from say a $10 million company to a $20 million company?

Don’t Forget ERP

As you plan and make projections for future growth, different constituencies within your organization will be involved. HR will be concerned about staffing up for growth. And rightly so. IT will focus on the capacity of your company’s infrastructure. And rightly so.

Hopefully, your finance and operations teams will have their say in your plans, too. Because one critical element in your plan should be the ability of your current ERP system to support the transition from where you are today to be where you want to be tomorrow.

What you want to look for is an ERP system that will not only grow with you but will be instrumental in that growth. At Bond Consulting Services (BCS) we’ve seen growing companies struggle due to an ERP system that is not in lockstep with their growth plans.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP – Designed for Growth

Take a hard look at your current ERP software system. Is it putting your growth plans at risk? Perhaps you have missed the warning signs:

  • Too many manual processes
  • Difficulty creating and configuring financial reports
  • Multiple siloed systems that don’t talk to each other
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Noncompliance
  • Unproductive use of staff time
  • Inability to generate critical performance data

Sound familiar? It’s time to switch to Microsoft Dynamics. And Bond Consulting will help you determine which Dynamics ERP solution will be the best fit your company, one that will be instrumental in your growth. Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

All 3 of these solutions will help you grow beyond the limits of your basic accounting software.

Who Is Bond?

Bond Consulting Services is a national consulting firm that empowers organizations across the United States to thrive in a digitally transformed world. We are a Certified Microsoft Partner and one of Microsoft’s Top 200 Partners in the United States.

Our consultants offer more than 100 years of combined business-software experience and industry knowledge to help your business achieve more. With more than 17 years of industry experience, we are confident in our ability to deliver on the solutions we provide and proud of our extensive expertise and unparalleled understanding of Microsoft’s suite of products and how they work together.

We operate out of Long Beach, California, and it’s from there that our expert team assists clients with their ERP and CRM needs. Visit us at or just pick up the phone and call 562-988-3451.

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