Choosing between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Let’s start by saying that:

  1. both are excellent choices, and
  2. Bond Consulting Services (BCS) implements and supports both

As a Microsoft Dynamics partner since 2000, we’ve been implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP for 18 years. And many of our GP clients have been with us for that long. When Dynamics 365 was released in 2016, our GP clients started asking us about the difference between the two ERP systems, wondering if they should stay on GP or migrate to Dynamics 365. And we had the answers to help them make that decision.

So if you’re trying to choose between the two, here’s what we can tell you…

What Do Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Have in Common?

  • They are both Microsoft ERP solutions
  • Both reap the benefits of Microsoft’s deep-pocket investments in R&D
  • Both are continuously upgraded with new features and functionality
  • They are both award-winning ERP solutions
  • Both are immensely popular
  • They both seamlessly integrate with Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft and BCS support are available for both

What Are the Main Differences between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP has been around since 1993 (when it was called Great Plains).
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 was released in 2016.
  • Dynamics GP began as an on-premise solution but can now be implemented in the cloud, too.
  • Dynamics 365 is a native cloud solution.
  • Dynamics GP is primarily a mid-market solution.
  • Dynamics 365 serves small, medium, and enterprise companies.
  • Dynamics GP, when implemented on-premise, requires an initial investment to purchase the software and the hardware (servers) to support it, meaning that you own it. You are also required to pay an annual “enhancement” fee.
  • Dynamics 365 is sold through a monthly subscription, pay-as-you-consume model that requires no initial investment in software or hardware, which means that you don’t own it.

Door #1 or Door #2

Our experience is that despite all of the above, you may still have many questions to ask about which solution is the best fit for your company. Let the Microsoft Dynamics experts at BCS help you.

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